Got To Be A Snow Pic! – My Sunday Photo

Of course it’s a snow pic. It couldn’t not be after having the most snow we’ve had for about 6 years!

KayCee’s Snow Pic

Snow day February 2018 Snow Pic

As much as I love snow, I was a bit fed up when my Tesco delivery got cancelled. I’d forgotten to do my usual order for Tuesday. When I remembered on Monday night there weren’t any slots left. I did my order for Wednesday afternoon. By lunchtime the snow had covered everywhere and it was too dangerous to drive.

We had plenty of frozen and tinned food, thankfully. Ant makes our bread so we didn’t have to worry about the shops running out but we needed fresh veg and fridge stuff.
By Friday afternoon most of the roads were safe again so managed to get to Lidl to do a small shop.

I’m hoping the snow is gone by Tuesday so my next order doesn’t get cancelled!


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