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3 signs you need to speak with a divorce lawyer

divorce lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

How should you deal with a marriage that is not working? Sometimes one may be in a marriage that they are not happy to be in. You could be in a marriage but you may probably not be communicating with your spouse. There are instances when one is separated from their spouse and they are not really interested in getting back into the marriage. All the above are instances where one may think about hiring a lawyer to help them secure a divorce.
In this article, we shall discuss some of the signs that one can tell that a marriage needs dissolution. Here are 3 signs that you need to speak with a divorce lawyer.



  1. You can’t communicate with your spouse


There are instances when spouses may not be talking to each other and this trend continues for a long time. When there is no personal and intimate exchange in a marriage, then this is a clear sign that the marriage is in need of a dissolution. If you cannot communicate with your spouse about the troubles that your marriage is going through; this is a clear sign that the marriage is not sustainable.


If you do not listen to your spouse or they do not listen to your concerns, then, for sure a divorce lawyer is all you need. It could also be that you are not communicating directly with each other but through other people. This is also another sign that you need to talk to a divorce lawyer.

divorce lawyer


  1. One spouse has refused to try


A marriage can only be sustained by two people. If a spouse brings an issue and wants it to be solved by the two partners, then they should try and solve it in that manner. However, sometimes one spouse may not be willing to try and sort out the problems that they are facing in the marriage. It is not possible for one spouse to try and solve all the problems that could be rocking a marriage. When such a situation arises, it is only a divorce lawyer who can help. If you have been in such a situation for a year or more, it is the time that you asked for a divorce from the other spouse.


  1. You have disagreed on having children


Whereas in most marriages the couple knows if they want a family or not, there are instances when a couple enters into a marriage when they are not sure of having children. It turns out that one spouse wants to have kids and start a family, whereas the other spouse is not interested.

It is definitely going to be a difficult marriage if one spouse is not happy with having children. If the other spouse feels that their life is incomplete without children, they have a right to be divorced so that they can probably have children with another person. There is nothing much that one can do if they are faced with this kind of a situation. One will just have to consult a divorce lawyer who can start the divorce proceedings based on this situation.


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