20 Christmas Photos We’ve Taken This Year

Christmas Photos

I take lots of Christmas photos but this year I wanted to make sure I capture all those special moments. The girls are growing up far too fast and Christmas is changing now we don’t have any little ones here. In fact,  for the first year, we didn’t visit father Christmas. They didn’t even mention visiting him, which made me a bit sad.
We did have an elf for the first time and Ella loved looking to see what she’d been up to every morning 🙂

20 Christmas photos

  1. Welcoming our elf, Nutmeg

welcoming our elf, Nutmeg

2) Wearing a Christmas Hat

wearing a Christmas hat

3) Decorating The Tree

decorating the tree

4) Opening Presents

Ella opening her present from Kellyann

5) Watching The Grinch

watching The Grinch

6) New Christmas dresses

new Christmas dresses

7) Making Christmas Pudding

making Christmas pudding

8) Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

9) New Christmas PJs

new Christmas pyjamas

10) Our Christmas Trolley of goodies!

Christmas trolley of goodies

11) Reading a Christmas Story

reading The Night Before Christmas

12) North Pole Breakfast

North pole breakfast

13) Favourite Present

Ella's favourite present

14) Christmas Hot Chocolate

Christmas hot chocolate

15) Sprinkling Reindeer Food

sprinkling reindeer food

16) Presents under the tree

presents under the tree

17) Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner

18) Christmas Eve buffet

20 Christmas Photos

19) Decorating a Gingerbread House

20 Christmas Photos

20) Visiting Family

Boxing Day 2017
Left to right – Gemma (sister in law), my brother James and my brother, John, who is married to Gemma

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