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When Ant and I went on holiday earlier this year, I had some of the best sleep I’ve had for years. There was a memory foam mattress on the bed that was so comfy I woke without back pain which was very unusual for me.
I looked on the internet to try and find the same mattress only to discover it had been discontinued. The next best thing we could think of was to get a memory foam mattress topper.

Silent Night mattress topper

Mattress Topper

We’ve been using our Silent Night mattress topper from Sleepy People for just over a week now and I’m happy to report that my back pain has greatly reduced.
The first night we used it I woke to go to the toilet and was really surprised to find that it was 5.45 am. I’d not woken once in the night from back pain. I usually get woken up with the pain around 3-4 am. To not wake up until nearly 6 and not have any pain was wonderful! It’s no wonder the Silentnight Impress topper appears as one of The Dozy Owl’s top picks for back pain.

It’s amazing how something so simple has helped me so much. I’ve not been able to go to bed too early for a few years. The longer I’m in bed, the worse the pain got. I can now go to bed earlier knowing I’m going to sleep all night. It’s lovely not waking up all sore and stiff the next morning 🙂

Mattress topper from Sleepy People

Ant absolutely loves the topper. He said as soon as he lay down he knew he was going to sleep better. We had a duvet on top of our mattress to try and make it a bit more comfortable for him but he still felt the springs in the mattress. He said it’s now wonderfully comfortable and he enjoys going to bed!

My next step is to try going to bed without taking my usual set of painkillers. It will be wonderful if I didn’t need them anymore. I’m going to wait a bit longer, though. I just want to make sure the back pain doesn’t return before I try stopping the pills.

Please note: We were sent the mattress topper in return for an honest review

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