Christmas Crafts to Keep the Kids Occupied

Christmas is a magical time when you have kids. But, kids can also get excited and hyperactive way before Christmas Day is due to arrive, so it’s a good idea to have a few calming activities up your sleeve. Not only that, crafting is a great way to bond with the kids and create memories while you have the time. The crafts they make in their younger years may stand the test of time and hang around the house at every Christmas from that day forth. So, which crafts are easy for young children to make?

Christmas Crafts



Make Your Own Stockings

Making your own felt stockings is easy and fun. Perhaps the kids will want to make a stocking for their parents or their pets and hide some small presents inside for Christmas Day. All you need to do is cut out two sock shapes from a large piece of felt. Sew the sides together with some colourful cotton (if your child is very young the sewing is best left to adults), being careful to leave the top open. Add a felt loop to the top of the stocking so it can be hung and then let your children decorate the stocking with felt shapes and buttons.


Mini Christmas Trees

For this craft, you’ll need to find a few polystyrene cones. Lay some newspapers or an old sheet on your dining room table to avoid causing any damage. Allow your children to paint the cones green and then sprinkle some clear or green glitter on top. Decorate each tree by glueing little pom poms around them and create a small paper star to glue to the top. If you’re really creative, you can even create your very own Santa by using white and red felt and cotton.


Merry Christmas Garland

There’s nothing quite like having a handmade Christmas garland hanging from the fireplace. One of the easiest ways to make your own garland is with upholstery foam sheets you can cut up into letters. Once your letters are cut, cover the front side in glue and sprinkle with glitter. Once the glitter and glue have dried, thread a needle through each letter with cotton or silk and tie at the ends. You can use pins to hang your garland as you wish.





Make Your Own Snow Globe

This one usually goes down well with the kids. You’ll need a glass jar with a tight lip or lid. Ask your children to search through their toys and find a mini figure that will fit in the glass jar. Glue the figure to the bottom of the glass jar using waterproof glue. Let that dry for a while before filling the jar with silver glitter that covers the bottom. Add water (regular tap water is sufficient) and place the lid tightly on the jar. Shake the jar up and let your children see it snow on their chosen figure.


Making crafts at Christmas time can be such fun for kids (and adults too!)

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