Vintage Christmas Reindeer Design at Asda

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to vintage Christmas designs. I fell in love with some reindeer glasses from Asda so I bought 8. I also bought a matching Christmas mug.

Vintage Christmas Reindeer

reindeer Christmas glass - Vintage Christmas

I’m a little bit addicted to buying Christmas mugs. I think I now have enough to have a different mug every day in December!

reindeer Christmas mug - Vintage Christmas

They also have cushions with this designs. I haven’t bought any yet but they’re on the list!

reindeer cushion vintage Christmas

reindeer cushion vintage Christmas

Other items in the reindeer range include a milk jug, shaped mug and egg cups 🙂

reindeer milk jug asda

reindeer egg cups asda

reindeer mug

Last year Ant bought me a super soft Christmas blanket from Asda. I love it and wasn’t able to put it away with the rest of the Christmas stuff. I seem to have lost it to Kaycee recently so I now need a new one.
I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Asda will do a vintage reindeer design super-soft blanket!


Please note: I haven’t been asked to write this post. I love the reindeer design and wanted to share 🙂

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