Re-organised Kaycee’s And Ella’s Bedroom

Re-organised Bedroom

Kaycee’s and Ella’s bedroom was starting to annoy me again. We got rid of the bunk beds when Nanny gave us two single beds. We thought it would be harder to get messy if they had less floor space.

It didn’t work!

The constant messy bedroom has been a source of annoyance for both Ant and myself for a long time now and we’d had enough.
After a trip to Chatsworth farm in the summer, the girls started asking for a pet Guinea Pig. Ant said they could have a Guinea pig if they could prove to us that they could commit to something for a long time.
He suggested that if they commit to keeping their bedroom clean until next Spring, they could have a Guinea pig.


We were going to re-decorate their room this year because it’s still magnolia from when we moved in, but I want to wait now and see how well they can keep it clean.
They had a brand new carpet when we moved in, but you wouldn’t know if you looked at it now! There are pen marks, dried slime and a whole host of other stains on it.
When we’re ready to get a new one, I”m going to check out I need a carpet that can stand up to the challenges of two messy, soon to be teenage girls!

New Wardrobes

To help them, I decided to re-organise their room. I bought cheap canvas wardrobes from eBay and boxes to create loads more storage than they had with the wooden wardrobe and plastic drawers.

re-organised bedroom - canvas wardrobes

Now they have enough space in the wardrobe for all their clothes and Ella has a set of drawers for her school clothes. The top drawer has her underwear in then the other drawers are marked Monday to Friday and each drawer has a set of school clothes. We are trying to get her to be more organised in the mornings as well as in her bedroom!

Kaycee;s and Ella's re-organised bedroom

Kaycee didn’t want her drawers for her school clothes so she’s used them for her school work instead.

Kaycee's and Ella's re-organised bedroom

Kaycee;s and Ella's re-organised bedroom

We’ve had to reduce the number of books they could keep. There isn’t room in there anymore to have 3 bookcases. We’re not getting rid of them, they’re in shopping bags at the top of the stairs for the moment. We now have to find somewhere to store them!

Kaycee;s and Ella's re-organised bedroom

Kaycee's desk

They now have a reward chart where they put a star on each day if their room remains tidy and their beds are made every morning. They will get a Guinea pig if they fill this chart with stars 🙂

reward chart
Kaycee hadn’t put her star on yet as she was at Guides

It feels so good to walk into their re-organised room now. I bought lots of plastic storage boxes so hopefully, Ella won’t have any excuse not to put things away!

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