Your Autumn Home Checklist

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This time of year can be the perfect time to make changes to your home and get things ready for winter. The temperatures aren’t too cold yet, and making some much-needed improvement or changes in and around the house can be well worth it. But what are some of the best things to be doing? Here is your essential autumn checklist for the home.

house in autumn with trees in front - autumn home checklist


  • Clear Gutters – Keep an eye on your gutters as the leaves are now starting to fall. Clear them of debris and leaves, especially as the temperatures drop. Otherwise, when frozen, they can cause blockages and leaks.
  • Check the Home’s Exterior – if there are any cracks or gaps in the walls, then they will become much more obvious as winter approaches. These openings can also become hiding spots for pests such as mice. Note that they can then wreak havoc in your house, potentially compelling you to seek the services of a skilled mice exterminator. So, it would be best if you seal any cracks or gaps yourself or hire professionals if needed.
  • Check the Roof – the same goes for your roof. If any tiles have come loose, then during the wetter and colder winter months, it could lead to leaking in your home, as well as mould growing on the walls. So have your roof checked and sort any issues that arise.
  • Look at Your Energy Bills – over summer your bills should have been nice and low. But now that you’ll no doubt be using more and more energy than you have over the past few months, then you’ll want to do an energy comparison to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. Why pay more if you don’t have to?
  • Run Your Heating System – if you are yet to put your heating back on, then it is a good idea to run it and check that after the summer, all is in good working order. Check radiators, taps, and pipes, to check that everything is heating up as it should.
  • Check Alarms – smoke alarms and house alarms need to be checked regularly as it is. But at a time when there may be more open fires in the home, candles lit, or decorative lights, checking that your smoke alarm is still working has never been more important. Darker nights mean you want to feel safer at home too. So burglar alarms are a must too.
  • Repair Driveways – if you have a driveway and it is in need of repair, then doing so before the cold weather arrives is a good idea. Cold temperatures and ice getting under cracks in the driveway, can lead to larger cracks and holes; one of the reasons our roads are full of potholes!
  • Stock Up For The Winter – if you have an open fire or a log burner, then getting some logs in and ready is a great idea. You can also batch cook some freezer meals, for example, too. Then you’re all ready to get cosy and snug over the coming months.
  • Have a Deep Clean – this is pretty obvious, but having a deep clean is a good way to know that you’ve got a clean home to start the season off with. Over autumn and winter, cold and flu viruses are much rifer. And if we’re living in an environment full of germs, it isn’t going to be helping us at all.

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