Weight Loss Plaque Review

Weight Loss Plaque


You probably know I’ve been on Slimming World for a few years now. I’ve been meaning to get a weight loss plaque for ages but never got round to it.

MadeAt94.com got in touch and asked if I’d like a personalised plaque so of course, I said yes!

There a few different designs; I picked one with my result for the week and my total result. I decided against one with a target on as I’m not sure what my target is going to be yet.

This little plaque is lovely. I was really impressed with the way it came packaged; It was in a silver envelope and when I was opening it, it felt like I was opening a present!

weight loss plaque in silver envelope

weight loss plaque in silver envelope

weight loss plaque in opened silver envelope

It even came with a little stick of chalk!

weight loss plaque on the wall

The plaque arrived in a week when I’d gained half a pound! Hopefully next week I’ll be able to change that plus to a minus 🙂

There are lots of different personalised plaques and framed prints that make excellent gifts for the special people in your life.


Please note: we were sent the item in return for an honest review


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