Giving Blood For The First Time – Not As Scary As I thought!

Giving Blood


After making numerous appointments to give blood over the past year, I finally managed to make it to my first appointment today!

I’ve wanted to give blood for years but always been a bit nervous. I don’t know why because I’ve had to give blood loads of times for blood tests so I knew it wouldn’t hurt. It was probably just a fear of the unknown. I set up an account on the NHS Give Blood website and made my first appointment.

When You Can’t Give Blood

I’ve had to cancel a few appointments because each time something happened like illness or childcare problems etc.
You can’t give blood if you’re starting with a cold (you can give blood at the end of a cold) or if your doctor has ordered blood tests.
I started with a cold twice when my appointment was due and the third time my doctor had ordered blood tests to check my thyroid.

I arrived on time today and got the super wonderful husband to go with me because I was too nervous to go in alone!

giving blood

Friendly Atmosphere

I needn’t have worried. It was a very friendly atmosphere and it was all very easy.

I had to read through some information while drinking a large glass of juice then I was called into a little cubicle.
A lovely lady went through the form I’d received in the post. It was all about my medical history. Prior to going, I wrote down my medications, previous serious illnesses and investigations performed by the hospital; if I had to remember while I was there knew I’d get a brain block!

I had to have a nurse come to see me due to my medical history. I told him about the pulmonary embolism I’d had in 2009 and the colposcopy a few years ago.
That was all fine and after a quick blood test from a prick to my finger, I was told I was able to donate.

I had to wait a few more minutes before being called.

Faster Than I Thought

It took a lot less time than I thought to give blood. I sat there opening and closing my hand and tensing my leg and bum muscles. It helps with your blood pressure apparently. It took about 10 minutes and I was done.

I was given some squash and I picked a packet of biscuits. There were crisps and raisins to choose from as well.

It took around an hour from arriving at the sports centre to leaving. I’ll be giving blood again in September.

I’m really glad I managed to make it today and next time I won’t be nervous at all 🙂

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