May Book Club – It Was A Loud One This Month!

May Book Club


Last month we didn’t manage to get hold of 8 copies of the same book for book club. Kaycee gave the members a book from her own library to borrow.

May Book Club

May Book Club
She organised general activities that worked for all the books, like Roll & Retell. This is where each number on the dice has a question assigned to it.

The questions work for any book and the kids take turn rolling the dice then answering the question about the book they read.

May Book Club Roll And Retell
The link above is for the download. I don’t know who created the image as I found it on Pinterest and only the download had been pinned. If this is your graphic and you’d like me to link to the original source, please let me know.


They also made bookmarks and had some non-book related games, one minute Lego challenges being one of them. It was very noisy!
Even noisier, though, was the game where they took it in turn to roll a dice and if one of them rolled a six they had to quickly put hat, gloves, coat and a scarf on. Then they had to try and unwrap a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork.
While they were doing that, the others kept on rolling and if someone rolled a six, they had to get the hat, scarf, gloves and coat of the first person and try to open the chocolate themselves.

May Book Club

As you can imagine, the noise levels went through the roof!

Ant and I spent the afternoon in the garden where it was nice and quiet. He did some gardening, I did lots of reading!

May Book Club

Kaycee organised some book club homework but I’m not sure if everyone remembered which task they’d been set. At the end of the book club, she said, “I don’t think anyone’s going to do the homework. Nevermind!”

May Book Club

May Book Club

After a few of the girls had gone home, the ones who were left went outside to release some energy. The new favourite thing to do in our back garden now is to hang upside down on the apple tree :o)

May Book Club - Hanging upside down on the apple tree

May Book Club hanging upside down on the apple tree

We went to The Works and Asda yesterday looking for some affordable books we could buy for them for book club in July. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any so I have to try and find some on the internet today.

Next month’s book club will be based on the book, Goth Girl that we reviewed earlier this month. We only have one copy so they’re having to share it!


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