Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays

Easter at HomeSense
Easter Holidays

Aiden and the girls broke up from school and college for the Easter holidays on the 31st March. Aiden went off to his dad’s and the girls stayed home, for a change.

I was expecting the girls to be complaining of being bored all the time. I didn’t expect to be able to get any work done because they’d want entertaining. Turned out they haven’t been here for a full day since the holidays started!

On Saturday, after taking a couple of hours cleaning the bomb site that was their bedroom, they both went off to Granddad’s to help him do his cleaning. They spent most of the day there then came home to watch Saturday Night Takeaway.

Yesterday Kaycee went to Granddad’s again to help Kellyann with some deep cleaning. Ella went to Nanny’s to do some polishing for her.

Today, they both grabbed some snacks, the money Nanny and Granddad had given them for helping yesterday and went off to spend the day with Kaycee’s friend, Sophie.
They were planning on getting chips for lunch then going to the local park.

I’m really pleased they’ve been spending time doing other things, not wasting the days away on technology 🙂


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