7 Activities To Get Your Kids Outside

Getting The Kids Outside


When I was my daughter’s age, I was hardly ever in the house. Our small village was surrounded by fields and streams. We’d make a simple packed lunch on a weekend and go off looking for tadpoles and newts for the day!

Mum and dad didn’t know where we were from hour to the next but it wasn’t a problem. They knew we’d be back when we got hungry!

These days the kids can’t be bothered to go out. Admittedly, we don’t live in a little village anymore and they can’t have the same freedom we did because of the safety aspect but I would like them to out more often.

When the summer holidays are upon us, we make a summer bucket list and I try to encourage them to pick mainly outdoor activities 🙂

So here are our top 7 outdoor activities for summer

1) Fill The Bucket Game

Our first activity had to include water because the girls just love playing in it.

All you need is 4 buckets, some water, 2 sponges and some kids!
Fill 2 of the buckets with water. Put the 2 empty buckets further down the garden and split the kids into 2 teams. They then line up behind the bucket of water. The first person from each team dips the sponge into the bucket, runs to the other bucket and squeezes as much water as possible.

Play continues with everybody taking a turn until one of the buckets is full or a team runs out water. The first team to fill the bucket or the one with the most water when the water has run out, wins 🙂

2) Making A Fairy Garden

Kaycee and Ella LOVE making fairy gardens. We’ve made a few over the years. Fill a large planter/container with soil. Get the kids to search the garden for stones, pieces of wood etc and use them to make pathways, furniture and other fairy garden items. Adding a tiny fairy is always a good touch and we’ve usually got some lying around at the bottom of the toy box!
Plants like succulents are great for adding to fairy gardens 🙂

3) Explore The Woods

If you’re lucky enough to have some woodland near you, grab the bikes and scooters and head off for a day exploring.
We’ve got a lovely park with woodland and a lake near us. The girls love taking their scooters and riding around the lake.
Don’t forget the picnic!

Explore the woods, get the kids outside

4) Have A Water Balloon Fight

This is another favourite of the girls. Not so much the super wonderful husband, though, who doesn’t like little bits of balloons that get left all over the garden!

5) Go Geocaching

We’ve done geocaching a few times and the girls absolutely loved it. You can get the app for free and search for caches in your area. You can upgrade from the free version and you’ll be shown more caches.

6) Get The Paddling Pool Out

Always a must in the summer. Our girls go in it in all weathers. Kaycee could often be found outside in the pool, in the rain! They love inviting friends over for the afternoon. All you have to do is keep an eye on them, make sure they apply sun lotion and provide drinks and snacks!

paddling pool

 7) Go On A Photo Walk

We all enjoy this one. I have my big camera and a spare camera that Kaycee uses. Ant uses his phone and Ella uses my phone. We got some brilliant images the last time we went to Whisby Nature Park for a photo walk. Because you’re always looking for different things to photograph, you don’t realise how far or how long you’ve been walking!


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