Big Makeover Planned – The Year Of The Garden!

The Year Of The Garden

You may have seen, from previous posts, the state of our garden and the previous plans we’ve had for it. It’s worse now than it ever was and it’s going to take lots of hard work this year to get it sorted. It needs a big makeover. For all the plans we’ve had in the past, we’ve never really got round to doing anything except the pond.

I love the pond! It’s the best part, but I’m starting to get the urge to get out there and get the rest of it looking just as nice.

garden pond makeover
Our wildlife pond is full of tadpoles at the moment :oD


We need to create a place for the bikes. The kids each have one and they’re currently on the patio under cover, leaning against the table.
The patio keeps getting used as a place to dump things we don’t know what else to do with. It’s looking decidedly messy again but where to put everything?

I think we’re going to need to hire a skip this year, as well as pay for the annual council fee for the green bin.
We started a compost heap last year but as it’s right at the top of the garden, we’ve been a bit lazy with the kitchen scraps. We just throw them in the bin. I’m going to make the most of the compost heap this year. Even if we pay for the green bin, it only gets emptied fortnightly. That will be fine when the garden’s done and there’s not much waste every week but while it’s in the state it’s in, we’re going to end up with lots and lots of garden waste.

Fruit Trees

We still want fruit trees at the top of the garden but that’s going to be the hardest part to do. It’s full of weeds and piles of wood. It’s going to need completely digging over once Ant’s sorted the wood pile. He’s going to get a chainsaw from somewhere and chop it all into manageably sized blocks.
We want to build a firepit so we’ll need to create storage for the blocks.


There’s much planning to be done. We made a start yesterday because I want it finished this year so the earlier in the year we get started, the more chance we have of completing it 🙂

garden before

Ant chopped back all the bushes and I made a start on digging them up. I think he would have had an easier time of it if he’d had a professional chainsaw! It was a hard job but I want a total change and he did well with the tools he had 🙂

garden after

He also chopped down the butterfly bush. We haven’t decided where to replant it yet. It was only planted there, as a tiny plant, temporarily but it got left there and went giant sized!

garden before


garden after

To be honest, the garden is looking even worse now than it did when I took the ‘before’ photos but I know it has to get worse before it gets better!

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