Maintained – Weekly Weigh In and a meal plan


I maintained at weigh-in this morning and a bit disappointed, after my 9.5lb loss last week. I’ve been using my Slimming World journal, planning my meals and measuring anything that needed measuring.
I’ve kept within my syns and used a smaller plate to have smaller portions.

The only thing I haven’t done is have speed with all my main meals so my target this week is to have half a plate at lunch and dinner.

I’ve planned my meals and syns and I’m sharing them here but just a note about syns; because I’m over 20 stone, I’m allowed 25 syns rather than the usual 15. (Please excuse me if I’ve miscoloured any cells!)

Click the pictures to view the full sized version


Slimming World Meal Plan Maintained


Slimming World meal plans


Slimming World Meal Plan
*Grapes have been coloured incorrectly, they’re a free food, not synned!


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan

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