Tea light Snowmen Tutorial #24XmasCrafts Advent

Tea Light Snowmen

It’s December 1st, yay!!!! My girls and the super wonderful husband have been beavering away throughout November to help me put together 24 craft tutorials, 1 for each day of advent.

Day 1 is tealight snowmen. Ella loved making them 🙂

They’re cute and very easy to make, using a few bits you’ve probably got lying around the house.

tea light snowman ornament

Battery operated tea lights can be picked up from the pound shop and places like B&M. We got 8 for £1.99.

You will need:

tea light snowmen

  • Battery operated tea light
  • Glue or sticky dots or a hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A black Sharpie
  • Card or Black felt or craft foam


  • Draw eyes and a mouth on the tea light. The light bulb will be the snowman’s nose.
  • Draw a top hat on the felt/card/craft foam and cut out. If you’re using white card, colour it black.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon big enough to wrap around the top hat and glue in place.
  • Glue the top hat onto the snowman.
  • Cut another piece of ribbon for the snowman’s scarf. Fold it as in the picture and glue in place
  • For an alternative, you can use a piece of pipe cleaner and 2 pom poms to make ear muffs. We found using a hot glue gun worked best to stick the pipe cleaner and pom poms on.
tea light snowmen
This is Ella’s Frosty the snowman 🙂

You can add a piece of looped ribbon to the back of the tea light so you can hang it on your tree 🙂


Tomorrow, on day 2 of my #24XmasCrafts advent, we’ll be making Christmas tree cards using buttons for decoration.

To see all of the 24 tutorials, check out my Pinterest board

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