Paper Christmas Tree #24XmasCrafts Advent

Make your own paper Christmas trees

Here’s day 8 of our 24 Christmas crafts advent. The super wonderful husband made this paper tree using some Christmas backing papers I found in Lidl last year.

They’re easy to make and you don’t need many supplies.

You will need:

Christmas papers

paper Christmas tree

Fold a piece of plain paper and draw a triangle down one side. Make sure you’re using the the folded side. You can leave it as a triangle or cut it out in a Christmas tree shape.

paper Christmas tree

This is your template.

paper Christmas tree

Use your template to cut 8 more trees from the printed Christmas papers.

paper Christmas tree

Now spread glue on one half of a tree and stick it to another tree.

paper Christmas tree

Keep sticking the pieces together until you’ve done all trees and you’re left with your Christmas tree 🙂

paper Christmas tree


Tomorrow, for day 9 of my #24XmasCrafts advent we’ll be making a vintage tree ornaments.

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