Cozy Crafting with Wynsors World of Shoes

Wynsors World of Shoes

At this time of year, the girls love nothing more than getting cozy, grabbing some snacks, a mug of hot chocolate and lots of crafting things.
They love to make Christmas cards for friends and family using lots of glue and glitter. Wynsors got in touch and asked if we’d like some Christmas crafting bits and bobs, so of course we said yes!
I’ve used Wynsors before to buy the school shoes for the girls. I like the quality and the prices are excellent.

When the box arrived, the girls were delighted to find hot chocolate reindeer, golden chocolate coins & crafty goodies. They’d picked new slippers and were very happy with them. Ella had picked giraffe slippers and Kaycee chose animal print slipper boots.

Wynsors world of shoes

The girls shared the chocolate coins out as soon as they pulled them from the box. Ella pulled on her super cute slippers and paraded around the room!

Sparkly Christmas cards were made for families and friends while enjoying hot chocolate with squirty cream!

cozy crafting with Wynsors

cozy crafting with Wynsors


cozy crafting with Wynsors


A few days after the slippers arrived, Ella had a letter from school saying they could wear slippers in school for the day. In return, they had to take in a bottle for the school Christmas fair bottle raffle.
She was really excited to be able to take her giraffe slippers 🙂

Thanks for the box of goodies, Wynsors; the girls enjoyed their crafting afternoon and love their cozy slippers.



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