Christmas shopping – Nearly finished!

Christmas shopping

I like to be organised for Christmas. Most of you know I’m a bit of a Christmas nut and I do Christmas shopping all year round!

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I’ve used since 2007. I add new sheets for each year, saving all the previous ones so I can make sure I don’t give the same gift again.
Everything is on there. I have the present list, obviously. I also have lists for Christmas Eve buffet food and Christmas Day lunch. You name it, my Excel sheet has it!

My groceries are already ordered for every week in December from Tesco and Asda. Tesco gave me some money off vouchers earlier this week. I usually shop at Asda but now I’m taking advantage of nearly £50 in savings from Tesco! I’ve got bits added to the grocery shop each week like bottles of alcohol for our Christmas Eve party. I like to spread the cost 🙂

Christmas shopping

Buying in the sales

I start buying in the sales after Christmas, stocking up on cards and wrap when Asda sell them off really cheaply and picking up any presents for the kids that I know they’ll still like a year later.

Whilst I love being so organised, I’m a bit sad that I’ve just about finished because it means I don’t have to get the super wonderful husband to take me shopping on a Thursday afternoon now while the kids go to their Granddad’s for dinner after school!
I’ve done loads of shopping online but I’ve really enjoyed going out shopping with Ant and I’ll miss it.
In contrast, the super wonderful husband is very happy about this as driving and shopping are not his most favourite ways to pass the time!

Birthdays in December

Whilst I’m just about organised for Christmas, birthdays are another matter entirely. The super wonderful husband and his first wife had eight children together. Four of them have birthdays just before Christmas. I’ll say that again….four of them! We also have a grandchild and a niece with a birthday in December and my eldest son’s dad has his birthday in December as well. December for us is even more expensive!

This is where I turn to the web for help. Every Day is Black Friday is a site that trawls the net, finding items at the lowest price. I’m sure no one wants to pay full price for anything if they can help it but it takes far too long having to search every site yourself.
I can find all the presents I need from the one site. I save myself some money in the process and do it all in the warmth of my own home. A fact I’m sure the super wonderful husband is very happy about 🙂

Christmas shopping


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