Secondary School – 1st day for Kaycee

Secondary school

Well, it’s finally here, the day Kaycee’s been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure, I think! She started at her new secondary school today and she looked so smart and grown up this morning.

She was quite nervous when she got up and it got a bit worse the closer to school she got. Granddad came to pick us up because Ant was fetching his aunt from the airport.
We had to pick Kaycee’s friend up first then we were on our way.

Traffic wasn’t too bad and we got them to school on time. She said she felt sick as she was getting out of the car but she had a smile on her face 🙂

I heard some of her other friends shouting to her so pointed them out and off she went.

I haven’t seen much of her since she got in from school as she’s gone for her usual Thursday night dinner at Granddad’s but I’m sure once she gets home we’ll hear all about our gorgeous girl’s first day at secondary school 🙂

Kaycee's first day of secondary school



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