Painted emoji faces – Fun with poster paint!

Painted Emoji Faces

Kaycee’s friend, Katie came for a sleepover last night. Ella was visiting her sister, Kellyann, for the weekend. Kaycee and Katie slept outside like the girls have done since the little big tent festival night!
After a trip to the cinema today, they came home and went in the pool for a while. Afterwards, they decided they were going to do painted emoji faces on each other using water-based poster paint!


painted emoji faces Ella

painted emoji faces Katie

Ella is the crying face emoji, Katie is the love heart eyes emoji and Kaycee is the being sick emoji!

It took a while to get all the paint off and they got a little bit stressed when it wouldn’t come off completely! Kaycee had a yellowish tinge to her face and Ella looked like she’d not washed her makeup off properly from a heavy night on the town!

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