iPhone troubles – not getting texts

iPhone Problems

iPhone problems

I’ve loved my iPhone since the first one I had and I couldn’t see myself ever changing to another phone but just lately I’ve been getting a bit annoyed with it.
It was just little things at first but this past week it’s been doing my head in. I’ve not been receiving text messages and I didn’t realise for a couple of days until Ant asked why I wasn’t replying to the texts he’d sent.

I could send texts, no problem but couldn’t receive them. At first, I thought it was just texts from Ant that I wasn’t getting. It turned out it was all texts from everyone.


I googled the problem and watched YouTube videos and read help forums and reset my iPhone to factory settings and sat chatting to an O2 guru for over half an hour trying to get it sorted but nothing worked.

He said I’d have to take my phone into one of their shops so someone could have a look at it. I thanked him for trying to help and ended the conversation.

Ant suggested it wasn’t a problem with my phone, he thought it was a problem with the sim card. To test his theory we swapped sim cards and sent texts to each other’s phone.
My iPhone received the text straight away so that confirmed it wasn’t the phone.

We swapped sim cards back and I resigned myself to the fact that a trip into town was in order.

A minute or so later, my phone started beeping and beeping and beeping. All the text messages I’d been sent for the last week or so came in :oD

I wish I’d known it was as easy as changing sim cards. It would have saved me all that time googling, watching, reading and typing!


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  1. Ant 16th June 2016 at 11:16 pm

    Super Ant to the rescue (again). xxx

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