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Santa at the North Pole

Getting an email from Santa is as much a tradition now as our Advent activity calendar is and Ella’s been looking forward to it for ages!

Portable North Pole

Santa and his portable north pole console make Christmas that little bit more magical for young children and this year there are 7 premium videos to choose from.
We used to use the free videos but the premium ones are certainly worth the money in my opinion. For £9.99, you can make unlimited videos, arrange phone calls from Santa and even have a video made for your child’s birthday.

An elf at the North Pole

You can add photos, choose friends/family to be featured on the big bookcase next to your child’s book and choose something that your child has been asked to work on to get better at through the year, like keeping their room tidy or being nice to their sister, (I wonder which ones feature in our videos every year)!

Santa and an elf at the North Pole

This year is a little sad for me because Kaycee’s 10 now and no longer believes that Santa is real, although she’s keeping up the pretence for Ella.
Hopefully, we’ll have another year after this one of Ella believing; it’ll be a very sad year for me when she stops.

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Portable North Pole
Portable North Pole


Please note: we were given a premium account at PNP to share the magic with you 🙂

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