Choosing Christmas Dresses

Every year, from the year they were born, I’ve bought Kaycee and Ella Christmas dresses to wear to Nanny’s Christmas party.

Our family live all over the place so each year Nanny puts on a party to get everyone who is available, together on a Sunday in December. She has boxes ready for each family so everyone can take their gifts for the other family members.

It’s usually the second weekend in December so we’ve been looking at Asda, Tesco and Matalan to find dresses the girls like.
I do miss the days when I was able to choose the dresses myself because I loved to buy them matching ones but they’re too old for that shenanigans now; Kaycee won’t even let Ella have the same shoes as her!

As usual, they found the dresses they liked in Asda (not a sponsored post by the way!)

Kaycee’s choice

Black dress with reindeer print and black leggings


Black shoes with a sparkly bow

Ella’s choice

Red party dress


Red sparkly shoes with bow


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