Science toys – Not just for boys!

Aiden’s never really been interested in science-y things. I’ve bought him loads of different science toys over the years, blast labs and slime labs and forensic sets, all to try and encourage a love of science that I never had when I was younger.

None of them worked, he just wasn’t interested.

He’s done a couple of the kits, like the forensic one for example but only because I got it out one day in the school holidays a few years ago and did it with him.
I hoped it would spark an interest in forensic science (I may have watched too much CSI and was trying to live vicariously through my son!) but alas he was just happy when it was over I think!

The other kits sat, forgotten, on the shelf in his room until the girls spied them and asked him if they could do them.
They had great fun with them and now I know that I can look at those kinds of things when Christmas and birthdays come around 🙂

Science toys

When the metal detector and planetarium arrived I couldn’t help but smile at the excitement on Ella’s face!

Kaycee with the metal detector


Kaycee putting the metal detector together - science toys are not just for boys


Kaycee trying out the metal detector


Ella having a go with the metal detector


Kaycee having a go with the metal detector

Kaycee was the first to try the metal detector after Ant had calibrated it. She loved going out looking for metal and got Ella to hide coins around the garden so she could search for them.
It works well but the one thing we’d change if we could, would be the way it’s calibrated. It’s too easy for the girls to catch it while they’re using it and Ant ends up calibrating a lot.
If the knob were covered or able to be locked, it would save a lot of frustration having to keep doing it.

Ella with the planetarium


Ella with the planetarium


Planetarium projecting on the ceiling


planetarium projecting on the ceiling


Planetarium projecting on the walls and ceiling

The planetarium was a huge hit with both girls. They’ve had it on every night since it arrived and they both know the words to the planet commentary off by heart!

Tonight while watching Eggheads, a question came up about the planets and Kaycee knew the answer from listening to this every night 🙂

Science is definitely for my girls, not for my boy!

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  1. Kim Carberry 15th April 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Ahh! These look like fab toys…We reviewed the nature one's.
    Reading your review makes me wish I'd picked this set now….hehehe

    1. shelllouise 15th April 2015 at 4:47 pm

      We'd not long had an ant farm and an aqua dragons set delivered so I figured they could do with a change from critters!

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