Kids…who’d have ’em?

The title is a phrase I heard a lot as I was growing up in Derbyshire, often when we’d done something wrong or silly!

This morning it was my turn to say it.

Ant was playing with the girls, I’d just made some breakfast and was going to sit down when he felt a drip of water on his head.
He looked at Kaycee, obviously thinking she’d dripped it on him but realised she hadn’t when another drip fell on him.
We all looked up to see water dripping, albeit slowly, through the ceiling.

The girls had both had a shower earlier and I panicked a little, thinking they’d left the shower on and in my mind’s eye I could see the bathroom flooded with water.

Ant ran upstairs to check, followed by all of us!

We couldn’t see any water anywhere, even when we checked the water tank so Ant took the side off the bath and had a look under there.

He asked the girls if they’d used the shower curtain this morning. They both said yes.
He asked them if they’d had it inside the bath or out. They both said out.

When we told them that was the reason for the water coming through the ceiling, Kaycee said, “oh no, I’m sorry. I didn’t know the shower curtain was there to stop water, I thought it was just there so no one could see you in the shower”.

She does make me laugh!

Luckily the dripping soon stopped for which I was very pleased; I didn’t fancy phoning the housing association and explaining that to them!


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