Staying safe on the school run.

Kaycee and Ella both love walking to school. They used to go in the car every morning with Ant who would drop them off on his way to work until I got fitter and was able to walk with them.

We live on cul-de-sac but the road at the front of the house is very busy and this is the one we have to cross on the way to school every morning. I always worry about the girls being involved in or causing a road traffic accident by walking out in to the road and not looking both ways.
Because of this we’ve been teaching them from a young age how to safely cross the road.

The words, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN were drummed in to me when I was younger and I use them now when reminding the girls not to step out on to the road without checking for traffic.
We learnt about the Green Cross Code at school and there were always adverts on the tv showing the Green Cross Code Man or little hedgehogs singing and looking for a safe place to cross!

When we’re walking to school we discuss standing a safe distance from the edge of the pavement and always looking both ways before crossing. The girls also know how important it is not to cross near parked cars and whenever possible we use a pedestrian crossing.

I’m very confident in Kaycee’s ability to safely cross the road. Ella on the other hand, worries me greatly because she doesn’t have a very big concentration span and I’m constantly having to remind her to stop, look and listen!

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation to write this post however all opinions expressed are my own.


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