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Fitbit Aria and Zip Tracker

I was lucky enough to win a Fitbit Aria wireless scale and Zip Tracker from a competition I entered on Naked Mum. I’ve been really impressed with the scales and tracker that I won I figured I’d share my experience of these products with you 🙂


It arrived really quickly and I have to say I’ve been very impressed with both the scale and the tracker. I’d been using an app on my phone to track my steps when taking the girls to school but I always worried about the amount of battery power it was using. I didn’t want to end up not being able to phone Ant if I had a problem with my back or ankle so it’s great having the tracker.

I put it on my bra and wear it all day. I don’t think I’ll ever hit the goal of 10,000 steps a day but it’s interesting to see how many I actually do.

The website is excellent. You have to create an account at FitBit to start with then you can access all your stats.
Your dashboard shows the amount of steps you’ve taken, miles travelled  calories burned and your active score. The zip tracker syncs up when it gets close to the dongle.

The Aria scale can have up to 8 family members registered on it and each person has to set up an account with Fitbit. it’s very easy to open an account and only takes a few minutes.
The results are sent to the main account but each person can choose to keep their results secret from the main account when they open their personal account.
The scales measure your weight and the percentage of body fat you have. You have to step on the scales with bare feet for it to measure the body fat.

There’s another tracker available that does a bit more than the one I have and I would love to get it one day. The One is not cheap at £79.99 but if I could afford it I’d get one tomorrow!
It measures the same as the Zip Tracker but it also counts how many stairs you climb and tracks your sleep patterns.
I never sleep right through the night and I’m constantly tired so it would be great to see the results of the sleep tracker. It also wakes you gently with a silent alarm that vibrates against your wrist.

Another thing I like about FitBit is the weekly email report they send which is great to help you see your average steps, calories burned and distance travelled.
You can see from mine that I wasn’t very active the week of that report! I am trying to improve and I’m sure as the weight comes off the amount of steps will increase 🙂

I actually look forward to receiving the weekly email now to see if I’ve improved on the last set of stats!

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  1. That does look like a great fitness tool to have. I think it would be great to track your fitness levels and I totally understand Michelle why you look forward to those emails 🙂

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