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Best blog posts – Week 3

I read a blog this week about a lovely little girl who has DDH. It stands for developmental dysplasia of the hip and whilst I’d heard of hip problems in babies and young children before (I remember the checks on my 3 when they were babies) I didn’t know what it really was and how it can impact on the whole family.
This post about Erin opened my eyes to the struggles parents and children go through.

A subject that’s been playing on my mind a lot recently, especially as the snow moved in and the freezing temperatures arrived, is homelessness.
I came across this post by Nickie from I am Typcast and I knew this was one post I had to share this week. There’s a link to a petition to the government to end homelessness. Please sign it, it only takes a couple of minutes.

I’ve long been a fan of A Thrifty Mrs and as it’s the new year and as I always want to get organised at this time of year, I was happy to see she’s doing a series of blog posts titled 15 Days to an organised new you.
I’ll be following along and hoping I can keep up the new me for the rest of the year!

I smiled and nodded in agreement at Michelle’s Confession from a normal mummy blogger. I’ve never shopped at Boden either and I also wondered who Caitlin Moran was and why so many bloggers were excited that she was going to be at one the blogging conferences! I still don’t know *shhh*
Michelle’s New Bloggers Fortnight really helped me last year and if you’re new to blogging, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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