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Best blog posts of the week

I love reading other blogs and have quite a few that I always look forward to. The other day I figured I could share my favourite posts of the week with you.
Maybe you’re already a regular reader of some of them, maybe some them will be totally new to you, whichever it is, I hope you enjoy my selection of this weeks blog posts.

The Boy and Me

Last year I tried doing the 366 photo challenge and only made it up July I think it was. As part of the challenge, I linked up with The Boy and Me every week.
When I stopped doing the challenge, I didn’t stop reading her blog and this post about their Christmas really struck a chord with me; I totally agree with Mrs TBAM’s views about Santa and Jesus.

Anecdotes of a Manic Mum

One of the first blogs I started reading was Anecdotes of a Manic Mum back in the summer of 2011. Every time I see a new post on Facebook or on the blog links on my blog I have to go and read and this one has to be one of the few posts that made me bubble up with happiness for them all but especially for Tamsyn when she got her Christmas Wish 😀

Crystal Jigsaw

I was very pleased to see Crystal Jigsaw jump back on the blogging wagon after taking a break during December. I love her writing style, so much so that her book, Discovery at Rosehill, was the first one I paid money for when I got my Kindle for Christmas last year. I love ghost stories and really enjoyed it.
I’ve only paid for one other book on my Kindle and that was James Herbert’s Secrets of Crickley Hall. I have loads of free ones so you know that when I pay for a book on there, it’s because I really want to read it!

Wonderfully Crazy

I came across this blog today and loved the photo. My kids have been asking when it’s going to snow since December started and they’re disappointed that we haven’t had any yet.
We’re still hoping to get some soon and the photo only served to make me wish harder! I love taking photos of the kids in the snow 🙂

Feel free to share any links to your favourite posts for me to read, in the comments. It can be a link to your own or someone else’s blog. I’m always looking for new blogs to explore!


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