Our final Featherdown Farm day – Friday 2nd November

Ant had to do all the packing and cleaning because of my foot. I felt awful sitting around with my leg up on a chair while everything around me needed sorting or cleaning.
We had a quick breakfast and I slowly made my way up to the car around 9.15am.
It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, getting to the car but it sapped all my energy.

Friday was a very long day and the story isn’t that riveting to be honest so I’ll just say that due to some unforeseen circumstances, we ended up spending 10 hours in the car to get from Cumbria to Derbyshire where we were dropping the kids off at Aiden’s dad’s then another hour and a half drive back home to Lincolnshire.

Our original plan would have seen us leaving Derbyshire around 2.30pm and getting home in time to cook a proper dinner. We didn’t take a packed lunch, figuring the kids would have lunch when they got to Aiden’s dad’s.
As it was, we ended up sharing sandwiches from a garage then giving in and getting a Burger King around 4pm because we were all so hungry.
It rained, hailed and in some parts of the country we went through, there had been snow although thankfully the roads were clear.

Ant and I got home around 9.30pm I think it was and I’ve never been so happy so see our house. We grabbed what we could for dinner and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Thankfully, my mum, who had been house sitting for us, stayed for the weekend and she did a wonderful job getting all the washing done for me on Saturday while I rested my foot.

It might have been a rotten end to the holiday but for the most part, we had a great time and I’m glad we experienced it 🙂

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