Where the flipping heck does it all come from?!!

Please note: You’re likely going to read the word, ‘stuff’, a lot in this post because I can’t think of another word polite enough to use!

We have one of Ant’s adult children staying with us for a while and he’s using Aiden’s room so Aiden’s sharing with the girls for now.
Ella’s sleeping on a mattress on the floor so it’s understandable that the room is going to get messy and clogged up with stuff having 3 children in there but seriously, I’m starting to think there’s some evil goblin living in there or something else equally nasty!
Let me tell you why I’ve come to this conclusion….

Last week, I took the mattress out of the room, picked everything up off the floor and bagged it all up to sort through the next day.
I filled 4 large charity bags (the kind they push through your letterbox) and 1 large laundry bag with their toys.
I ended up with 3 loads of washing from their room and after I’d sorted through the bags, I’d filled another charity bag with stuff to actually go to the charity shop.

Keep in mind, this was just from stuff on the floor, both the 9 box storage unit and the 18 box storage unit plus the 3 bookcases were still full of stuff so I wasn’t actually sure where all this stuff from the floor had come from.

Today, I went into the girl’s room and the floor was absolutely covered again in stuff and yes, box storage units were still full and 4 charity bags of stuff was still at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be taken back up and put away.

I’ve picked everything off the floor, removed most of the laundry and still filled the bottom bunk with all the stuff from the floor.

Where the flipping heck has it all come from? I really don’t understand how they can keep piling things on the floor but not emptying the toy boxes or shelves!
Is it breeding somehow do you think?!

They’re all away for the weekend at Aiden’s dad’s so I’m finishing the room off tomorrow and by tomorrow evening, I expect the amount of stuff in that room to be halved!

And then in a few weeks it’s Christmas

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