Bathroom Makeover – Before & After Photos…Finally!

A week later than I expected, I’ve finally got the before and after photos of our bathroom makeover.
I seriously under estimated the amount of time it was going to take to wrap the silver shelves and under sink unit.
In my head, it was going to take me from Friday to Sunday to do the makeover. In reality, it took one and a half days to decorate the room and a full week, working during school hours and after the children’s bedtimes wrapping the poles and weaving the shelves of the silver units.

The reason we covered the silver units in string was because they had started to rust but were still structurally strong.

We didn’t want to pay £85 to buy a new under sink unit and tall shelf unit.
We’d bought new nautical accessories and on some of them, there was string being used to look like rope so I suggested we wrap the silver units in string.
I’m really happy with the results and the fact that it only cost £7 for the string so we saved loads of money! It was £1 for 4 balls of string and I used 26 rolls!
It would have looked better with thicker cord but that would have cost a lot more so we stuck with the string.









We love our new bathroom 🙂

I’m not doing anymore decorating for a few months. Our bedroom needs doing but I’ve had enough of home improvement for a while now!

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