Cutting the bills doesn’t have to be stressful

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Cutting the bills doesn’t have to be stressful
You’ve seen the new budget and you’ve read all about fuel poverty, now it’s time to see how you can save money each year. Of course, saving money often leads us to believe that we have to cut luxuries, and while this would make a difference, cutting your bills could be a more effective way of approaching things.
Energy continues to be imperative to life and a commodity that, thanks to the United Kingdom’s dependence on foreign sources among other things, we are paying through the nose for. Finding electricity prices that seem reasonable can seem like a tough nut to crack – it doesn’t have to be that way.
Save energy
It’s an obvious fact that if you use less then you will pay less (A simple idea that is overlooked by many). If that’s the belief then you couldn’t be more mistaken because the fact of the matter is by saving pennies each day, you can save plenty of pounds over the course of a year. So, how does this happen? We’ll look at a top three:
·         Lighting – One of the big expenses from around the house, in terms of energy and electricity, is lighting. If you don’t turn lights off every time you leave a room then you are wasting money, so try to ingrain it into the whole family to turn the power off at all times. Additionally, traditional light bulbs are still very popular in homes but by changing them for energy saving bulbs you can save 20% annually and they also last a year longer than the standard offerings.
·         Water – Save water and save energy by cutting down on what you use. By only using the dishwasher and washing machine when there is a full load and filling the kettle to only what you need each time, the pennies will be saved. What’s more is that if you wash with cold water then the quality tends to be the same and you’re not spending as much money.
·         Standby – Those little coloured lights on all your electronic devices are all to often left to glow throughout the night and day. Whilst they signal standby mode, it’s time to start thinking of them more as leaking electricity mode.  Despite regulations which have been put in place to reduce the electricity used in this mode, it’s still a great idea to switch these devices completely off to save on electricity. Every little helps after all.
Shop around
Whatever you are spending money on; there are ways to trim it down if you have a look at alternatives. It’s a case of knowing how to compare electricity prices or where to look for your insurance so that you can get the best deal. There are plenty of online comparison websites to have a look at, and you will get great prices if:
·         You know what you use – Ultimately, you need to know that you aren’t spending too much on your tariff by knowing exactly what you use on a month to month basis. Once you know this then you will be in a better position to compare the market.
·         You check the market – When you are ready to check the market, know how. While you may be able to get a good deal by going direct to a supplier, it’s unlikely that they will be cheaper than what you will find by using a comparison website like uSwitch. Through using a service like this you will know the full industry landscape and be able to make a better judgement based on this.
·         You use the right payment methods – While you may be keen to just get your new billing set up, take a second to think about extra costs that may make your bill more expensive. By combining your electricity and gas bill you will get a better deal, similarly the use of online billing and direct debit can make a huge difference.

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