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Calm Jars

I saw these on Pinterest and had to have a go when someone made them for the Pin Addicts challenge last month.


However, I didn’t have any pink or blue food colouring, glitter glue or tubes of glitter as the girls had used them all on Monday so I figured I’d try it with the only glittery thing we had left; glitter paint.
We’ve got gold, silver and pink glitter paint and the gold only had about one quarter left so I thought I’d try that.

I filled a jar with hot water from the tap then squeezed in the gold paint. It looked like a sparkly gold worm lying at the bottom of the jar and I felt sure it wasn’t going to work. I gave it a good shake anyway and was delighted to find it worked perfectly 🙂

No need for glitter glue, extra glitter or food colouring. The colouring in the paint colours the water and the paint makes the water thicker so the glitter floats nicely.

The girls LOVE it and KayCee asked if she could make a pink one so I saved her the next jar I emptied. Of course, Ella wanted to make one then so there’s a jar in the dishwasher for her for tomorrow! She’s going to make a silver one.

We also added warm water to the paint bottles, put the lid back and removed the label. The girls had a friend round to play today who also liked the calm jars so KayCee gave her the gold and pink paint bottle ones for her to take home for herself and her brother 🙂

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