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Breville – an update

Well after the bad day we had at the weekend with Breville and Argos, I have an update.

Very collected the Breville mixer on Monday but a mistake was made and the collection wasn’t recorded as a special collection for faulty items. Had this happened, Breville would have been informed of the fault and the item would have been returned to them with full details.

As it is, the mixer is now on a lorry somewhere, being returned to Breville but without my details.
Breville have been in contact through email and on the phone this week, doing all they can to get the mixer back so they can find out what happened.

We’ve had an apology from both Breville and Very and I have to say I’m really pleased with how it’s all been handled.

Very refunded the money for the mixer and today the lovely lady I spoke to also refunded the delivery charge, without me asking. I was pleased with the gesture and appreciate all she did to help me today.

The lovely lady at Breville apologised for what had happened and is doing her best to get the mixer back so they can find out what happened.

I was quick to moan when it happened at the weekend; well I was very emotional, what with worrying about Ant’s heart but I also believe that good service should be shouted about and today I’m really pleased with the help and sincerity of both companies 😀

In regards to Argos, I haven’t been in touch with them yet but if we can’t get the handle to stay on the trolley, we will be returning it.
It’s such a shame because I love the idea of it. I just wish it was as practical as it promised to be.


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