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The things they say and do – Mother’s Day

The kids were talking about Mother’s Day yesterday morning. KayCee (ever the thoughtful one!) asked why there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no children’s day because it wasn’t fair that children didn’t get presents?
I said there is a children’s day, it’s called Christmas!
She thought about what I’d said then came back and said, but Christmas can’t be kids day ‘cos you and dad get presents too so I think there should be a day just for kids, called kid’s day and we get presents for being kids like you get presents for being a mum! 😀

Ella made me melt the other day when out of the blue she said, ‘you’re wonderful mummy and you have very lovely hair’.
She got a big hug and kiss 😀

Aiden came in the kitchen while I was cooking spaghetti bolognese and said, mum, that smells delicious. I’m soooo pleased you’re my mum ‘cos you’re the best cook ever 😀

I love my babies 😀

I’m so pleased I remembered to make a note of some of the things the kids have said to me through the week and I’m going to try to remember to do it more often!

5 thoughts on “The things they say and do – Mother’s Day

  1. Aww they are so cute. I love that they said such lovely things to you. Love kiddies x

  2. It's so lovely when they just appreciate you for being you! Well done for writing them down and thanks so much for linking up this week! x

  3. KayCaee sounds very difficult to argue with! It's fantastic when you hear things like thatisn't it? Makes any difficulties worthwhile 🙂

  4. aww how lovely, i love when mine come out with lovely comments not so sure about the ids day tho but I do remember thinking that myself when i was younger 🙂 x

    1. It makes my day when any of them say something nice, out of the blue. It's especially lovely when you're having a rubbish day and they have the power to cheer you right up! 🙂

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