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KayCee and her ‘tranpleen’ invite!

Clearing up the living room after getting the last of the three kids to bed, Ant found KayCee’s invite to the ‘tranpleen’. We haven’t laughed so hard in ages!
It says:

come to the tranpleen
open evre day
we are closed tmoro.


8 thoughts on “KayCee and her ‘tranpleen’ invite!

  1. Perfectly informative! Where did you find the giggling blob?

    1. It was just from a google search. It's free to use so feel free to snag it 🙂

  2. fab, out of the mouth of babes! looks like a new offer from the government, here, now gone!

    1. ha ha didn't think of that but yeah it does sound familiar!

  3. Ahh bless her. Looks like she's planning her first business venture!

    1. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come… I wouldn't mind having an entrepreneurial daughter!

  4. Oh that is GORGEOUS! Thank you for linking. I love that you now have it here to remind you!

    1. I've been meaning to link up since I saw your first one but kept forgetting to make note of the things they did that made me laugh. When Ant read that out to me I had to blog about it.
      And yes, I'm going to love being able to look back on this 🙂

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