In the garden

Sunshine, warmth, compost and seeds; these are the things my afternoon comprised of and a very nice afternoon it was too!
I didn’t get any bulbs planted because I have to sort all the planters out and figure out which ones are going to be used for which flowers but I got all the seeds planted that can be started in February.


I’ve sown some Lavender seeds,
Photo Credit
Night Phlox seeds,
Tanacetum seeds,
Apple Blossom,
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Photo Credit
and Mesembryanthemum seeds.
I’ve taken photos of the whole garden so I can compare the growth over the next few months.
Last year we planted quite a few different kinds of flowers, shrubs etc and I’m looking forward to seeing if any of them have survived the winter. I have loads more flower seeds to plant so I’m not too worried if the plants don’t grow in the border because I’ll have plenty to fill it.
I had planned on putting all low maintenance plants in the border that would give colour all year round but I’m quite liking the idea of being creative with it every year and growing lots of different types of flowers.
I’ve got loads of jobs to do to get everything ready for the spring. The raised beds need digging over, the shed needs emptying and reorganising and lots of the pots/planters need emptying, cleaning and replanting.
The waterfall needs sorting and we need to get more plants for the rockery. Some that we planted last year are doing really well but a couple didn’t make it.
I’m looking forward to getting all the jobs done and seeing the garden coming back to life after what seems like incredibly long winter!

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