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Loving my new table!

I’ve been thinking of ways to make our small table bigger for our Christmas dinner. I bought a new serving set earlier in the year with an oval plate, 2 serving dishes and a gravy boat.
I haven’t used it yet and would love to serve up a Christmas dinner where everyone can help themselves.
Our table was only big enough for a small centrepiece, a glass each and our plates and a cracker each.

Christmas 2008

The table mats had to be overlapped and it’s even more of a squeeze when it’s our year to have Aiden for Christmas (his dad and I take it turns to have him over Christmas) so you can imagine how excited I was when our next door neighbour asked if I wanted a bigger table. She didn’t want it anymore and needed it out of her kitchen. It’s huge!

Now we need more chairs! We only have four that came with our small table but that’s an expense that can wait till next year.
I’ve spent the day re-arranging the kitchen so we could fit it in and it also gave me the chance to give the kitchen a proper clean ready for our buffet tea on Christmas eve; talking of which, I just got all excited when I realised I’m going to be able to fit all the food on the table and not have it spilling over onto the work tops!
I can’t wait to dress the table for Christmas Dinner and be able to use my new serving set now. I’m so happy 🙂 Thank you neighbour 🙂


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