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Butlins, Skegness–Thursday

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It was our last day on Thursday, even though Butlins do give you a few more activities to choose from on Friday morning. We had to get to Nanny’s for lunch so we left just after 9.30am on Friday morning.

I stayed home in the morning while Ant took the kids to see Thomas’s Skyline adventure. Aiden spent the day with his friend, Chloe who came for the day as a visitor.
I got everything packed up that we didn’t need so that we’d ready to leave by 10am the next morning.

I went with Ant and the girls to watch them swimming in the afternoon and got told off, well, given a stern look by a lifeguard before he phoned through and got the announcer to tell everyone that photography wasn’t allowed when he saw me trying to get pictures of the girls!

It was like a sauna in there and I had difficulty breathing until I got used to it.
They all had a great time again 🙂



After swimming, we went and had the most delicious milk shake I’ve ever had in my life! It was made from pear drops and I’ve never tasted anything like it. It was quite expensive but worth it!
We waited for Titan the robot but it turned out to be a waste of time because it got so packed when his show started that I didn’t get to see him at all. Ant tried to get to some photos but there were too many people.
We also waited around for the Titan photo shoot that was advertised in the book but when we went at the time it said, it was all closed up.

It was quite annoying, especially as it was our last day and we’d waited round for over an hour with 2 young girls, trying to keep them entertained so Aiden could have his photo taken with Titan and yet again, an advertised activity didn’t take place.

I was very pleased to get back to the apartment and get a good nights sleep before leaving the next morning.

All in all, we really enjoyed our holiday but next year, we’re planning on a more relaxing environment and we want to centre the activities on family time, where we can all do everything together and not have bored kids hanging round because they’re too small to go on the rides.

Please note: None of these posts have been sponsored by Butlins. We haven’t had any payment/free gifts from Butlins and paid for our holiday/food/entertainment in full.

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