Brain ache!

My brain is aching, my eyes are sore and I’m still not done buying Christmas presents.
I’ve been online all day trying to find gifts for everyone and I think someone is now inside my head scribbling on my brain!

I took a break and made a new background and header for my blog (I get bored with site designs easily!) but while immersing myself in something creative usually gets me focused on the task at hand, all I could think was that I need to get my excel sheet in order so my mind can rest.

This weekend, when the kids are away at Aiden’s dads, I’m going to list everything I’ve bought, everything that’s been ordered but not delivered and find the list that I made of all the presents I wrapped the other day so I can get my excel sheet up to date.
I’m then going to list all the gifts I still need to buy and get it all ordered next week so I can relax and look forward to Nanny and Jack’s Christmas party.

They have a party every year around the second week of December so that all the family can get together (we all live quite far apart from each other) and exchange gifts so I have to have my gifts for Ant’s side of the family done and wrapped by then.

I really can’t wait to feel organised again. I’m usually very strict about updating my sheet whenever I buy/order/wrap gifts so I’m not sure how I got so behind but I can safely say, I won’t let it be happening again….I don’t like my brain being scribbled on!

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