Motivation – Came and went!

So after my moan yesterday about not being motivated, I decided today was the day to get everything done.
When everyone went off to start their day at school and work, I went upstairs and tidied the bathroom, our bedroom and the girls bedroom. The girls room took over an hour, again!
Only thing I haven’t done upstairs is hoover.
I came down to add the mountain of dirty laundry I got out of the girl’s room (ok, can’t blame them totally because I did change all the bedding but they also had too many clothes on the floor that hadn’t been put to wash so words will be had later!) to the pile already in the kitchen and I’m afraid to say I sat down at 11.30am for what was supposed to be a few minutes and I’m still here *oops*.

Ant came home for lunch around 12 and left again just after 1pm. Since then, I’ve been trying to sort out his contract for his mobile. His contract ends soon and I’ve been trying to sort out an upgrade with The Carphone Warehouse rather than upgrading with O2 because CPW do great deals. It took me ages. Suffice to say, I’m waiting for an email from the Carphone Warehouse. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it sorted.
Anyway, after that, I had to plant some new plants that got delivered yesterday and that’s all I’ve done since I came downstairs.

Ant’s bringing chips home so all I have to cook are the burgers and beans (forgot to make the casserole so we’re having a quickie tea instead and I’ll do the casserole tomorrow) and butter some bread and butter. I’m hungry just thinking about it and I’ve just remembered that I still haven’t done the kitchen so I’d best find that motivation, put the laptop down and get stuff done!

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