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90 Days to Christmas

I’ve decided to make some of my Christmas gifts so today’s tip is for me.
I need to decide on the final gift ideas and work towards purchasing all the parts needed.
I’ve been scouring the web and nothing has jumped out at me yet so if you know of some great craft sites, please feel free to share!

Do you make your own gifts to give out at Christmas? Do you find it more satisfying knowing you’ve taken time and effort over your gifts rather than picking something from a shop just so you have something to give?

I’ve always liked the idea of giving homemade gifts but every time we’ve tried, they’ve never looked as nice as they do in the photos on the site!
Hopefully, this year, we’ll find something that looks stunning, doesn’t cost the earth and is fun to make!

3 thoughts on “90 Days to Christmas

  1. Thought you'd like that darling! xx

    @ SAHMlovingit…I like that idea. I'll have to check out what they have for the ones who aren't getting homemade.
    My sister in law always uses charities to get cards and gifts and she always gives such nice ones. Thanks for reminding me about charities and for dropping by 🙂 xx

  2. Is it really only 90 days?

    I don't make Christmas gifts but I do buy about 90% of my gifts from charities so I feel like it's not just going to the massive retail giants. WWF and Unicef do some lovely gifts x

  3. Cheap…
    …now you're talking, Babe.

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