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The girls haven’t been away for 2 full weeks before and I find myself thinking about them more and more as the time goes on. I’m used to all my children being away from me; Aiden’s dad and I have shared joint care of him since he was born and the girls have gone with Aiden most weekends since they babies, but the longest the girl’s have been away for is a week.

I miss Aiden too, don’t get me wrong but it’s different with him. He’s older for one and I know it’s only fair that he gets to spend as much time with his dad as possible.
When he was 4 and we moved to Lincoln from Derbyshire, I missed him everytime he went away but you have to make yourself get used to it, otherwise, you spend all the time he’s away, pining for him. I’m sure if you did that for years, it would have a detrimental effect on your mental state!

The girls are only 6 and 4 and their dad is right here with me! You’re probably asking, why then, do they go every weekend and during the school holidays?
The answer being, Aiden’s dad lives in the area I grew up in and all my family, mum, dad, sister, 2 brothers, brother-in-law, sister’s-in-law, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and numerous nieces and nephews all live very close to each other. I had a great relationship with all my extended family when I was growing up.
So not only do the girls get to form close relationships with aunt’s, uncle’s, grandparents and cousins, they’re not treated any differently to Aiden. By this, I mean that, we discussed when KayCee was a baby the fact that if Aiden was going off, on his own to his dad’s every weekend and in the holidays, she was going to feel like there were 2 families and she was only part of one.
Luckily, Aiden’s dad and I have remained close friends throughout Aiden’s life and he wanted to have KayCee to stay when she was a baby and Ella when she was born.
He loves having them as much as he loves having Aiden and luckily, again, his wife loves them also!
The girls really enjoy going but Ella’s getting ready to come home now. She said as much the last time I spoke to her on the phone. It made me miss them even more!

I was fine last week. I missed them occasionally but for the majority of the week, I was setting up a shopping cart for a florist business so I had plenty to occupy my mind.
This week, I should be cleaning Aiden’s room and our room but instead, I’ve been sat here, reading blogs about other people’s children and missing my own more and more!

I have more work to do on the website tomorrow so my mind will be concentrated on that but I really can’t wait till they’re all home at the weekend.
We’re going to do all the crafty things the girls had for their birthdays and no doubt cake making will fit in somewhere.
Aiden will probably be out all day, every day with the friends he hasn’t seen for a few weeks so I won’t get to see much of him anyway!

I sometimes wonder whether I’d look forward to the long summer holidays as much as I do if I had all 3 children home for the full holidays. As it is, they spend about half of the holidays in Derbyshire and half in Lincoln so I don’t have as long as other parents do to keep them entertained!

Saying that, I don’t remember my parents organising activities to keep us entertained over summer. If we could afford it, we’d go on holiday to Mablethorpe for a week, and the rest of the time, we’d just be at home for the whole holidays and would be out playing with our friends for most of the day. If we went home and said we were bored, dad would suggest things for us to do *cleaning our bedrooms/weeding the garden/washing the dishes* that we really didn’t want to do so we’d clear out of the house quick sharp before he could make us; a technique Ant used with his, now adult kids and with our 3, to great effect! Must be a generation thing…Ant’s about the same age as my dad!.

I’m going to make myself enjoy the last few days of having all this time to myself (well, apart from getting the shop live) before they come home then enjoy all the time with them together, before they go back to school.

Do you enjoy the long summer holidays or do they cause you nothing but stress, what with childcare/bored children/extra expense, etc?

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