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6 days….6 kids….Day 1….We all survived!

Shattered but smiling; that’s better than I expected after day one!
My nephews and niece, Bradley, Mason and Lily-May have been brilliantly behaved today. There have been a few small disagreements and the usual tell-tales, trying to get each other in trouble but for the most part, they’ve played nicely together.




Ella helping Mason on the computer….that girl has no fear!

Aiden and Bradley went out straight after breakfast to a park that’s aimed at older kids while Mason, KayCee, Lily-May and Ella went to a park just round the corner.

They shared the spinning wheel painting thingy and surprisingly, didn’t make too mess!

After lunch, KayCee wanted to make rainbow cupcakes so that’s what we did 🙂



Poor KayCee’s cake mix didn’t turn red, it turned, well, not red! She wasn’t impressed so we added some yellow to try and make it a bit prettier but it only served to make it look yucky. We decided it didn’t matter what it looked like, it was going to taste yummy. Guess which colour is KayCee’s!
What we didn’t plan on was the glass of cherries and berries squash that got accidentally tipped onto the cakes. I poured it out and put the tray in the oven, keeping my fingers crossed that they were going to turn out ok!



They turned out fine, thankfully….well, we’ve not eaten any yet but they look ok so that’ll have to be good enough!
While we baked, the boys played on Wii Fit and by the noise coming from the living room, they had lots of fun 🙂


Ant came home just after five and we were all pleased to see him 🙂
Of course, Ant’s used to having this amount of children in the house because he had 6 with his first wife. Which is why I didn’t feel guilty nipping off to ASDA with Grandad to help him choose birthday presents for the girls, at bedtime!

It takes a while for them all to settle down to sleep but tonight took less time than last night so, fingers crossed, it’ll take even less time tomorrow night.

It’s now my bedtime. I have to get presents sorted for KayCee’s 6th birthday tomorrow and with Ella’s birthday being on the 8th, she usually opens her presents as well. At bedtime, I was telling KayCee that she’d have some presents waiting for her when she woke and Ella said, what about me? Can we share KayCee’s birthday?. I put a huge smile on her face by saying, sure you can, you did last year!
I like them having a party together because not only does it cost less but it’s all done in one day, not two!
I can’t expect it to go on forever though. I’m sure they’ll come a time when Ella wants a day and a party all to herself, but until then, I like our current arrangement so I’ll let future Shell deal with the changes!

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