Back breaking but worth it!

Back Breaking

Back breaking but worth it
Back Breaking

I’m tired. I ache. It’s ok, though, because slowly, very slowly, the garden is taking shape.
I must admit, I’ve not done as much today as I could have done but today’s work involved a lot of bending and I had to rest more often.

It was more enjoyable yesterday because Ant and I worked on it together.
It is nice being out there on my own for the most part, especially if I’m planting seeds or watering the plants, you know, nice easy jobs, not back breaking ones! It’s great working on the garden together with Ant, though, and must admit to feeling a little lonely out there, by myself, today.


I dug three bags of compost into the raised beds. Tomorrow I can plant out the mizuna and mustard leaf. In the next week, I need to harden off the celtuce and amaranth ready to plant them into the beds. I covered the new border with weed control fabric and bark. Two rose plants were transplanted. One was in a container. The other one had popped up in the garden from some unknown source, into the new border.
I was getting pretty sore by this stage but I made a start on levelling out the old flower border ready to cover with weed control fabric and bark then my little Ella came home from nursery so I used that as a good excuse to go have lunch and rest!

Baby Snails

There were some baby snails happily munching on my french climbing bean plants yesterday. I took them off but couldn’t bring myself to kill them….they are babies after all!
We did put slug pellets down, though, which I felt a little guilty about. We need to find a better to stop the snails munching our food!

Here are a few before and after pictures 🙂




Ideally, we’d like this border to grow herbs and lavender. We’re not sure if it’s going to get enough sun to keep the plants healthy. I’ve put my pots of herbs in position to see how they get on. Fingers crossed they like it there. It will be perfect for the herbs as it’s close to the kitchen door.


Can’t wait till it’s all done 🙂

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