Day Zero Project – Photo Challenge 1 / 365

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New Year, 1st photo 🙂 and I haven’t used one of my prompts! I planned to. I went into the garden, set my camera to macro and tried to find something interesting to photograph but out of all the photos I took, I like this one the best.
Nature macros will have to wait for another day!

I’m linking up with The Boy and Me, where we choose our favourite photo from the week 🙂
I must say I’ve been quite happy with them all this week but this one and the one of KayCee are my favourites. I picked this one because I love the colour and there’s just something pleasing about that stone face!

Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge

Home / Photography / Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge

I’m starting my Day Zero Photo Challenge today, January 1st 2012. I was going to just play it by ear and find something everyday to photograph but I work better if I plan so I’m going to make a list.

With the help of Google, I’m going to find photo projects to give me ideas. I’m hoping this challenge will help improve my photography skills.
So without further ado, here are some ideas taken from various places on the web.

Taken from Mostly Lisa
1) Self portrait
2) The moon
3) Nature macros
4) Fun Macros
5) Food
6) Raindrops on windows
7) Sunset

Taken from Photography Monthly
8) Local environment
9) Windows and doors
10) From the hip
11) Body Art
12) Alphabet
13) Numbers
14) Fairy Tales
15) Family

That’ll keep me going for a while 🙂

I’ll be back later with my first photo of the year!

My first blog year in photos

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I haven’t done a full year on my blog yet, even though I started it in 2009 but I figured I’ve got enough photos from this year to choose some of my favourites. So here is my first blog year in photos.

I missed January so let’s get right on to February, when I was inspired by Cherry Menlove to get my kitchen more organised 🙂 For the full post, read Inspired.

Taken today


We moved the freezer over in place of the laundry basket, rearranged some of the boxes so I could fit my new Tassimo on the shelf next to the kettle and put all the gardening books within easy reach on top of the fridge. I also changed the walls from the yellow in the first photos to the cream in the last one. (I forgot to move the boxes of hair dye off the table before I took the picture. Look out for a future post showing off my new red hair!
Onto March and another inspired project! Cherry Menlove has a lot to answer for!
I updated an old chest of drawers and I have to say, I still love it! For the full post read, Revamping a set of drawers.





I took another blog break until June when I wrote about Wisteria and Raspberries. I’d recently discovered my green fingers and this month saw me really get the gardening bug. Things that I planted, started to grow and I was amazed!

Coriander, grown from seed 🙂
It wasn’t all good on the gardening front though. A cat got to the Robin’s Nest and really upset me when I found them all dead the next day.
I’m hoping we have better results in the spring.
I didn’t have many flowers last year but the few I did get were beautiful.
The highlight of the month was going to watch our little Ella in her first Sports Day. She had a brilliant time 🙂
July was the month I made a proper commitment to my blog, thanks to Ant. He was the one who encouraged me to write more often when he told me how much he enjoyed reading my posts.
I enjoyed writing anyway but it was much more fun knowing someone was actually reading!
We had family visitors in July when my brother brought his family to see us. The Cousins got on well and had lots of fun 🙂
We baked cake and had lots of messy fun while doing it!
I had a birthday and got spoiled as usual 🙂
We had a back breaking month but the garden started to take shape 🙂




and we came to the end of an era when Ella stopped going to private day nursery ready to start at the nursery at KayCee’s school in September.
We doubled the number of children we normally have here when 3 out of the 4 of my sister’s children came to stay for the week.
We also celebrated a few birthdays; KayCee turned 6, Ella turned 4 and Nanny’s a lady so her age will never be disclosed!
The girls had their party at Grandad’s house because our garden was a bit on the dangerous side to let young children loose in there.
Ella started to wonder where she came from and why we wanted an Ella 🙂
One of my favourite parts of the garden was nearing completion; thanks to my wonderful hubby, the rockery started coming together….
and one of the highlights of the summer holidays was our 2 week activity plan, of which the fairy garden was the biggest success. It’s still outside and before it got too cold, the girls still played with it.
September = new school uniforms
and peas!
and a super wonderful husband who does everything he can to make me happy, such as lighting up the rockery and love seat with candles because he knows how much I would love it….and I did 😀
October saw us take a weeks holiday at Butlins in Skegness, which featured more face painting!
And the girls got busy painting a huge tree and making handprint leaves.
I wrote a post for The Gallery about a person who inspired me; I wrote it about my husband and it’s one of my favourite entries into The Gallery I’ve made so far.
I started my Day Zero Project in November and I have to say I’m loving having such a big challenge to work on. The fact that it’s a list makes it even better! (I’m a list junkie lol)
Another Gallery post I love had the theme, Something I’m proud of. I used it to show off the huge changes we’d made to the garden in 2011.
Daddy had a birthday and the girls made him a cake
Christmas was making it’s way steadily towards us and the girls were eager to hurry it along a little! They started writing the first of many Christmas cards to their friends and family.
Which brings us to December and a wonderful month full of Christmas magic.
The kids loved the activity advent calendar I made and looked forward to opening it every day.
We put the decorations up on the first Saturday of December
and had lots of fun on Christmas Eve when we did a mini treasure hunt. We also had people over for a buffet tea. A lovely time was had by all and we went to bed, the children in new pyjamas, excited about the day to come.
Christmas Day and Boxing Day were everything I could have hoped for. The week between Boxing Day and today has been very quiet seeing as the children stayed in Belper and Ant’s been catching up on paperwork while the shop has been closed but I don’t mind. I enjoy time to myself 🙂
Well, that was my first blog year and it’s been a good ‘un!
All that’s left for me to say is thank you for reading and commenting and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Day Zero Project – Creative writing prompt (1/20)

Home / Miscellaneous / Day Zero Project – Creative writing prompt (1/20)

As part of my Day Zero Project, I have to use 20 writing prompts from Creative Writing Prompts.
This is number one and the prompt is:

Write about your most memorable house move.

Without my mum, packing up, not just my house, but my whole life would have taken me twice as long.
There’s no messing when my mum gets going. She had everything packed and ready to go in less than a week. You would be mistaken though if you thought that she worked so fast because she wanted to get rid of me! She just gets the job done when she puts her mind to it and she knew it was what I wanted.

My parents have always supported my decisions. I know they miss me not being as close anymore but they both know that I’m happy and that’s what they’ve always wanted for me; for all of us.

I’d lived in Derbyshire my whole life. My family is quite big and we all lived within easy reach of each other, except for one Aunt who lived in America. I loved having everyone so close. I especially loved spending New Years at one or other of my Aunt’s. They’d always put on a wonderful feast and the adults and teenagers would play board games, such as Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary (I’m not very good at either so would always try and partner with my dad because he’s clever!) while the children would run around, playing with new toys.

When it came time to make the decision, I didn’t hesitate. I moved to Lincoln to be with Ant and I’ve never regretted it, not even for a second, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I missed everyone quite a lot of the time and sometimes wished it didn’t take a drive of an hour and a half to go and visit.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the drive from Belper to Lincoln, in a rented van which somehow (due to the magic of Ant’s packing skills) contained my entire household contents!
I must have gone through the whole gamut of human emotion that day and by the time we got to my new home, I was exhausted.

Exhausted and happy.

Free Blogger Backgrounds

Home / Miscellaneous / Free Blogger Backgrounds

If you’re a regular visitor you may notice that I change the design quite often. I get bored easily and love making headers and backgrounds for my blog.
I’ll be changing to my New Year design on New Year’s Day 🙂

I was cleaning up folders and found a few backgrounds that some of you may like. All you need to do is click the link below the preview picture to download the zipped folder.

If you’d like a free custom header to match your chosen background, email me (you can find my email on the contact me page) or leave a comment below letting me know what text you’d like.

Red Background


Butterfly 02


Shoes background


Butterfly 01


Blue stripes

Here are some of the headers I’ve done for the different backgrounds.

Butterfly header

Blue Stripes header

Shoes header

Day Zero Project – Watch every pre-recorded VHS that I own

Home / Miscellaneous / Day Zero Project – Watch every pre-recorded VHS that I own

We have quite a few….this is going to take a while!

I’m not including:
TV shows like Buffy/Angel/Star Trek
Documentary videos
Children’s cartoons

1) A fish called Wanda
2) Karate Kid
3) Karate Kid 2
4) Ever After
5) Heartbreak Ridge
6) The Frighteners
7) As good as it gets
8) Look who’s talking
9) Mrs Winterborne
10) It’s a wonderful life
11) Money pit
12) Lord Of Illusion
13) My Cousin Vinny
14) Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
15) Dave
16) Wings of the Apache
17) Wet Wet Wet singles videos
18) Never ending story
19) Those dear departed
20) Confessions – Two faces of evil
21) Turner & Hooch
22) Grease
23) The last starfighter
24) Cujo
25) Mermaids
26) Masters of the universe
27) Death becomes her
28) Carrie
29) Ewoks
30) The Saint
31) Jersey Girl
32) Animatrix
33) Dolores Claiborne
34) Sleepwalkers
35) The Dark Half
36) Creepshow
37) Elvis ’68
38) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
39) The Running Man
40) The Way of the Dragon
41) The Nutty Professor
42) Riverdance for Rwanda
43) Indiana Jones and the last crusade
44) The lost world
45) The tall guy
46) Madness Heavy Heavy Hits
47) Wet Wet Wet live
48) Jason Donovan
49) Lord of the dance
50) Back to the future
51) Predator
52) The big chill
53) The eagle has landed
54) Pacific Heights
55) Panic room
56) I know what you did last summer
57) Bruce Lee the man, the myth, the legend
58) E.T.
59) Misery
60) Apollo 13
61) Sliver
62) Schindlers List
63) Status Quo
64) Cats eyes
65) Cross of iron
66) Tina Turner
67) The Tommyknockers
68) Ghostbusters
69) Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark
70) The Abyss
71) Home alone 2
72) The Goonies
73) Saving Private Ryan
74) The Shell Seekers
75) Diary of Anne Frank
76) Virus
77) Ghoulies 2
78) Critters 2
79) Who framed Roger Rabbit
80) Star Wars
81) Return of the Jedi
82) The Empire Strikes Back
83) Star Wars Episode One
84) Star Wars Episode Two
85) Gone with the wind
86) Lady in white
87) Teen Witch
88) RoboCop
89) American Werewolf in London
90) Sands of Iwo Jimma
91) A.W.O.L.
92) Lethal Weapon 1
93) Lethal Weapon 2

Visiting family on Boxing Day

Home / Christmas / Visiting family on Boxing Day

I love going to my mum’s on Boxing Day and this year was even better because my brother John was able to make it with his family. I only see them a couple of times a year so it was really great seeing them today 🙂
I also loved seeing my dad who I miss loads. My nieces and nephews were pleased to see me and I got cuddles and kisses from them all.

I love them all and can’t wait to see them again in the new year 🙂

My brother Chap aka John!


My little Mason. Love you sweetie xx


Chap’s wife, Gemma 🙂


Oops bit blurry but my sis, Stacy


Grrr blurry again but it’s my boy, Aiden and his cousin, Chloe 🙂


Me and my bestest friend, Jo. Love ya 😀 xx

Sorry Jay, tried to take a pic of you and gorgeous Megan but it’s too blurry. Still love ya though 😉 xx

Christmas Day in pictures

Home / Christmas / Christmas Day in pictures
KayCee’s gifts


Aiden’s gifts


Ella’s gifts


Ella, loving her helmet and protective pads!


New friends – Jasmine, belonging to KayCee and Ella’s is called Rosie.


I’ve been totally spoilt rotten today 🙂


Best. Coffee. EVER!!


Cried a bit with excitement and happiness!!  BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER!


KayCee loves her netbook 🙂


LOVE LOVE LOVE the huge table and serving set….


so much so that I had to show it twice!!


Rosie, loved by Ella


Getting ready to make frozen ring pops


My wonderful boy, helping to clean up after dinner.

Our Christmas Eve

Home / Christmas / Our Christmas Eve

Exhausted but happy. That was me yesterday evening!
The treasure hunt was a huge success and the children were really lovely all day. They all helped get the house ready for the guests who were coming to tea then they spent the afternoon playing outside together.
Granddad took them out for a little while so we could finish getting everything ready for the buffet then our guests started to arrive.

We really enjoyed having our friends and family over for a few drinks and some lovely food, even if I do say so myself!

The kids went next door to help our neighbour decorate her tree when our guests left. This wasn’t planned but worked out great because I was able to take over from Ant who was cleaning the kitchen so he could go and fetch presents from Granddad’s.

When they came home, I gave them the final clue to the treasure hunt and we soon had three excited children who couldn’t believe they were allowed to open four presents instead of the usual one!
The girl’s loved their Hello Kitty pyjamas that Granddad had bought them and they were all very pleased with their fleece blankets, hot water bottle and Santa mug.

After hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream they were all very excited to find out that Santa had sent them a video email from Portable North Pole.
KayCee confessed after watching hers that she’d been a little bit scared in case she got put on the naughty list and you could see the relief on her face when the light turned green!

Aiden made up a bed on the floor of the girl’s room because they all like to sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve and when everyone was settled, I read ‘Twas the night before Christmas’.

It was a lovely end to a lovely day 🙂