So tired….

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I was very restless last night for some reason and today I’m so tired because of it. I went to bed just before 11 pm and read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. It’s a brilliant book and I have to admit to staying up later than I want to because it’s completely unputdownable!!

Stop Reading & Sleep!

I forced myself to put it down just after midnight. I had to be up early to get the kids ready for school.
Two hours later, I was still wide awake. I heard Ella go to the toilet then she came in to give me a kiss and a cuddle.
After seeing her safely back to bed I tried to get some sleep.

I did start to feel a little sleepy but about 20 minutes later, Ella got out of bed again. She came to show me that her care bear glowed in the dark!
I gave her another kiss and cuddle and put her back to bed.
Now, this kind of nighttime activity is very unusual in our house. The kids are in bed by 8.30pm and we usually have to wake them at 7 to get up for school.

Up & Down Ella

After another 10 minutes or so, Ella was out of bed again, crying, saying that I upset her when I put her back to bed. I think she just wanted to be with me so we sat in the bathroom, so as not to disturb everyone else and had cuddles until she calmed down and was ready to go to sleep again.

By this time it was gone 3am and I was shattered. I finally fell asleep and 10 minutes later my alarm went off……ok, so it only felt like only 10 minutes later, in reality, 3 hours had passed!
I snoozed the alarm more times than I usually do then finally dragged myself out of bed at 7am.

Ella was her usual, sunny self this morning 🙂 although you wouldn’t know it by the photo she took of herself….

I'm so tired because Ella didn't sleep well last night

She really was a lot happier than she looked, honestly!

I was going to have a snooze this morning but I’ve got cleaning/ironing/gardening to do so I figure, if I get moving, I might wake up properly 🙂
Also, hopefully, I’ll be tired earlier tonight. I’ll be able to go to bed earlier then I can read for longer. I need to hurry up and finish The Pillars of the Earth, so Ant can finally watch the TV series! He’s been ‘patiently’ waiting for me to finish because I prefer to read the book before I watch the adaptation. I like to picture the characters in my mind before they become imprinted with the face of the actor who played him/her.

Now I really must get things done 🙂

Sports Day #2

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It’s been a KayCee day today 🙂 I went to her assembly this morning to see her receive her S.E.A.L. award (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning)….

KayCee at her school awards

and watched her in her sports day this afternoon 🙂
She did 3 races. The first was the bean bag on the head race, the second, the hockey race and the third was the obstacle course. She said afterwards that she didn’t like the hockey race because it was too hard. I actually missed her second race and I have no idea why! I kept checking all the children when they lined up at the start of each race to see if she was racing and I totally missed her in the lineup.
She tried really hard for each race and got 3 well-done stickers, which she is wearing with pride 🙂

I think the main reason she liked sports day was that she was able to finish school early!
We went to visit daddy at the shop and got a lift home because it was too hot to walk!

KayCee ready for her sports day
Well done KayCee :o) Love you loads!! xxx

Sports Day #1

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Ella sportsday

It was Ella’s first sports day today and she was super excited about it this morning.
The thing she loved most, was having to go to school in shorts, t-shirt and trainers instead of her school uniform.

Ella dressed in shorts and t-shirt for her first sports day

She likes to leave her long hair down usually but we tied it back today and it looked lovely 🙂

Ella's hair tied up for sports day


Ella's hair tied back for sports day

When she came out of her classroom, she looked around for me and gave me a big, gorgeous smile.
She said, ‘Mum, we’re not allowed to run to you’, so obviously, they’d all been told to stay in line and not run to mummies and daddies!

I took some videos of her races because Anthony had to work in the shop on his own today so couldn’t come and watch her.

Ella at her school sports day

You could tell she really enjoyed it and when she came running out of her classroom afterwards, she had a huge grin and shouted, ‘that was sooo fun’ :o)

I think it’s tired her out now though….she’s lay on the sofa watching Beauty and the Beast!

Wow…where did 2010 go??!!

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Kaycee and Ella in school uniforms

Where did 2010 go?

I totally missed 2010 on my blog!!!
I did say I probably wouldn’t keep it up and guess what….I know myself well!!

So here I am, in February 2011 trying to think of any significant events of 2010 that I need to add here for the children to read about when they’re older.

Hmmm, it seems that it was a pretty uneventful year in our family, which isn’t a bad thing.
The 2 previous years had seen Ant admitted to hospital with a heart attack and me admitted to hospital with a blood clot in my leg and multiple clots in my lungs.

We’re both quite well now, although Ant has to keep taking the tablets.

On to the children.

The biggest thing to happen in little Ella’s life was starting nursery.
She started in September with KayCee who was starting year one.

Kaycee and Ella in school uniforms


Ella goes on a Monday and Tuesday from 8:45 am to 2:45 pm while KayCee goes from 9 am to 3:15 pm.
The time difference is a little annoying, but we only have a few more months to go and then she’ll be going into Reception which is the same start and end times as KayCee.

Ella still goes to Papermoon Day Nursery on a Friday. She loves it there and we’ll be quite sad when she finishes for good in the summer.
KayCee started there in 2006 when she was around one-year-old and we’ve always felt extremely happy and comfortable with the level of service they provide. You get a feeling from the staff that your child is very special and important to them. As a parent, this is exactly what you need, especially when you’re feeling overwhelming guilt for leaving them there in the first place while you go to work.

Our little Ella brings laughter and happiness into our lives on a daily basis.
Her smile is contagious. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’re having, she only has to smile and you find yourself smiling back!

So, on to KayCee.

Kaycee 2010


She’s fallen in love with reading! She had started to learn to read in Reception, but it wasn’t until she started in Year One that she really grasped how to do it. Now, she’s constantly reading, writing and asking how you spell different words.
She does gymnastics after school on a Thursday and is working towards her level 5 certificate.  She complains about having to go but when the time comes to renew at the end of each term, she always wants to carry on going, even when we tell her that it’s her choice and she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to! I suspect she’s going to be one of those people who like to finish what they start and I think she’ll carry on with gymnastics next year so she can get to her level 1 certificate and badge.

She’s very grown up for her age and we are often amazed at the things she knows and understands.
She’s always been older than her years and in some ways, that’s not such a good thing! We often expect things from her that she’s not yet capable of and we have to remind ourselves that she’s only 5 and not 15!
She’s an absolute treasure and we’re very proud of her.

Last but not least, we move on to Aiden.



He was 10 last year and had a pizza and movie party for his birthday. He invited some friends from school and Ant sorted the food out while I watched a DVD with the girls upstairs. I’d been ill for a few days and was too ill to go downstairs so missed his party.

He had a great time and I’m sure he preferred time alone with his friends without his mum hanging around!

He’s doing brilliantly in school and got an excellent report last year. We were very proud of him.

He’ll be starting secondary school in September and I truly can’t believe how fast time is going.
I watched a home video of him from when he was about 3 and it brought tears to my eyes. He was so cute and even though I’m loving seeing him grow and mature, I miss my cute little boy.

We went to Haven at Skegness for a week during October half term and stayed in a lovely caravan.
The kids had a great time going swimming and playing in the indoor play area.
They also loved the arcades, just as I did when I was young!

And so, onto Christmas. 2010

Aiden was at his Dad’s for Christmas and we fetched him back on Boxing Day.
Christmas is my favourite time of year and I loved it. I’m cherishing Christmases while my children are young because it’s such a magical time for them. I love seeing Ella jumping up and down with excitement and hearing KayCee saying that it’s the best Christmas ever!
I look forward to visiting family for tea on Boxing Day and having family round to ours on Christmas Day.
I love getting the trolley out that used to belong to my Grandmother then to my Mum and now to me, and filling it with goodies.
I think that the only thing I don’t look forward to is taking the decorations down because that means I’ve got to wait another year to put them back up!

So, that was 2010 in a nutshell.

We’re all one year older, one year wiser and still happy and content with our wonderful family.

Christmas 2009

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Christmas 2009

I was very organised this Christmas, more so than any other Christmas and I loved it!
I’m already planning for next Christmas and I bought the first Christmas present a few days ago.
I also got some bargains…… 3 rolls of wrapping paper that had been reduced to 50p per roll for 10 meters. A box of 12 Christmas crackers for £1.50. 3 extra large gift bags, the kind the kids put out on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill with presents. They were only 40p each. They’re usually 80p each or 2 for £1.50. This year it cost me £2.30 for 3 bags and I’ve got next years for only £1.20

So, back to this Christmas.

We decorated the tree and put the garlands up on the first Saturday in December.
We always let the kids decorate the tree. It always looks full of tinsel and ornaments and usually looks a little lopsided, but we never change it. We’re not bothered how it looks, we just love watching the children getting excited about Christmas when the tree decorating starts.

Child decorating Christmas tree

We put the usual angel on top but the last week, Ella came home from nursery with an angel she’d made so we put that one on the tree instead.
The children all put their own ornaments on the tree. Ever since Aiden’s first Christmas, I’d bought him a tree decoration every year and carried on the tradition with KayCee and Ella so they’ve all got their own tin that holds their own tree ornaments. They love putting them on the tree.

Christmas activities

We had the children home for 2 weekends at the beginning of December (they usually go to Aiden’s Dad’s on weekends) because Aiden had Chloe and Stuart’s birthday parties to go to.
We took advantage of this extra free time and did loads of Christmas activities with the kids.

Aiden, KayCee and Ella each made pastry and made mince pies, lemon curd tarts, and jam tarts.
While Aiden was at one of his parties, KayCee, Ella and I decorated some jars with brown, green and red paper. We cut diamond shapes in the paper then wrapped it around the jars. We put a tea light in each then went out and collected some greenery to put on the window sill with the jars. They looked wonderful when Ant lit them. We found out, though, that we needed jars with wider necks because the tea lights kept going out!
We didn’t bother lighting them after that day, but they still looked lovely in the window.

Ella and Kaycee also made some paper chain decorations. KayCee couldn’t wet them enough to make them stick so we got Ella to stick her tongue out and we wiped the paper chains on her tongue to get them wet, (she’s going through the dribbling stage!). We found it very funny!

Wrapping presents

They all loved wrapping up Christmas presents for Daddy and they used loads of ribbons and bows. The presents looked lovely.

Christmas present
They also did a great job at writing their Christmas cards. This was the first Christmas that KayCee was able to write her own name and copy other names. She wrote all her own Christmas cards.

We watched some Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows and generally had a wonderful time together.


I got a cold on the second week the kids were home and Ant was taken back into hospital with chest pains that week (he was in the hospital in November after having a heart attack on his dad’s birthday) so that week was quite hard on me.
The kids missed Daddy. I missed Daddy but couldn’t go and see him as much as I wanted to because I was ill.

Thankfully, the children all entertained themselves on Saturday and by Sunday I was feeling a lot better.
Ant came home on Saturday and we all went to Nanny’s Christmas party on Sunday.
We all love going to Nanny’s at Christmas. We don’t get to see much of Ant’s side of the family throughout the year so it’s great to get together, exchange gifts and enjoy all the delicious food Nanny always does.

More illness

The following weekend I went to Derbyshire with the kids because I’d made a birthday cake for Lilly and a christening cake for Lucas.
I took the cake round to Stacy’s when I got there Friday night and found them all poorly so the party was cancelled.

I met my beautiful new nephew for the first time and got to have a snuggle then I went to our Jays, where I was staying for the weekend.
While there, my throat started hurting when I swallowed. I figured it was probably due to the cold I’d just had and thought it would probably be gone by the morning.

Next morning it was extremely painful and my voice was very croaky.
I went to our Stacy’s for some lunch and a piece of the cake I’d made. I must say, it was very tasty! then I went round to Jeff’s for the rest of the day.

We had a Chinese at our Jay’s that evening, but I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I usually would because of the throat infection.
It was getting harder to talk and I was dreading the night ahead because I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep. The pain kept waking me the night before.


I was supposed to be going to Lucas’ christening on Sunday but when I got up Sunday morning, my voice had totally gone and I felt terrible.
At Jeff’s, Rachel was there and I mouthed to her that I was really sorry, but I wasn’t able to go to the christening because I was too ill.
She liked the cake I’d made so I was very pleased about that. It was the first christening cake I’d made and I was quite proud of it!

I spent the day at Jeff’s and looked forward to going home that afternoon. It snowed quite a lot and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get home. Jeff said not to worry and he got us home safely.
I was very disappointed at missing the christening. I was upset that my weekend with my family had been ruined because of illness.


Thankfully, I was better by Christmas Eve and we had a wonderful day together.
It was our turn to have Aiden for Christmas. I was really happy to have all my children around me. I don’t like it when Aiden’s not with us for Christmas although I know it’s only fair he gets to spend some Christmases with his dad. It’s important for both of them because they’re very close.

We didn’t do anything special, just enjoyed being together.
In the evening, they had a bath then went back downstairs. Daddy gave them each a Christmas Eve present and they were really excited because they could open them straight away! They all had a new pair of Christmas pajamas and they looked lovely in them.

We then put the carrot out for Rudolph and a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa. We went outside so they could sprinkle the reindeer dust over the lawn to make sure the reindeer knew where to come.

Santa's hand picking up a cookie
They all slept in the same room, just like I used to do with John, James, and Stacy when we were younger.
I read, ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to them and we sang some Christmas songs before they went to sleep.
Ant and I spent a lovely relaxed evening watching tv and drinking Baileys.

Christmas Day

Next morning, I woke around 6 and Ant got up about half past. After our coffee, he went to wake the children, who were still fast asleep! They opened the presents out of their stockings while upstairs then came down to open their other presents.
I helped Ella, Ant helped KayCee and Aiden didn’t need help!

It was wonderful to see them so happy. I just love Christmas and dread them growing up.
We had a lovely Christmas dinner then we spent the afternoon playing with new toys. KayCee, Ella and I made perfume with KayCee’s perfume maker.
Ant and Aiden did something with Aiden’s weather station (have no idea what lol), then Ant watched some of his ‘Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ DVD that I bought him.

I then made a buffet tea and Grandad, Kellyann, Jervais and Jerome came round just after 4 pm.
We had a great time. We put some Christmas music on and the kids showed them what they’d had for Christmas.

It was finally time for bed, after what had been a very long but wonderful day 🙂

Halloween 2009

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Halloween 2009

We’ve had a lovely Halloween 🙂

We’ve spent the day doing Halloween activities. We did pumpkin carving and made spookily shaped cookies. We also made marshmallow ghosts, chocolate covered apples and green jelly with spiders.

Aiden’s gone to his cubs Halloween party tonight and the girls have been in charge of handing out the cookies to the trick or treaters.
Ant joined in with the dressing up and scared some of the younger trick or treaters! He did look quite scary and I think he may have made a few of the parents jump as well!!

Ant Halloween 2009

Aiden Halloween 2009

Ella Halloween 2009

Kaycee Halloween 2009

Kaycee Halloween 2009

Halloween Pumpkins 2009


The girls look forward to it for most of the year and have been excited all day! Ella, especially, loves the dressing up costumes. She wears them all year round!


New blog

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First ever blog post

So, here it is, my new blog 🙂

I’ve never been very good at keeping a diary so I’m not sure how good I’ll be at remembering to write this blog!
I thought it would be nice for my children to read when they’re older, though, so I’m going to give it my best shot.

Here’s a bit of background info…..My name’s Michelle, but everyone calls me Shell. I’m married to Anthony and we’ve been married just over 4 years. We met on the internet in an MSN group.
I have Aiden (9) from a previous relationship and together we have KayCee (4) and Ella (2).

Aiden, Kaycee and Ella in the wedding car at James and Kirsty's wedding
Anthony has 6 children from his first marriage…. Jonathan, Jourdain, Kellyann, Jason, Jervais and Jerome. He also has 2 grandchildren; Jason has 2 sons, Jamie and Damien. We’re all getting ready for Halloween here. Kellyann bought KayCee and Ella a lovely witch costume each. They tried them on and didn’t want to take them off 🙂
They look very pretty in them and I’ll add photos here after Halloween.

Aiden hasn’t got his costume yet. We’ll get him one next week. He’s going to his cub’s Halloween party and is really looking forward to it.

Halloween wasn’t really celebrated when I was a child. We went trick or treating but didn’t really dress up and people gave us money rather than chocolate and sweets!
I enjoy Halloween with the kids. We make Halloween themed food and have a little Halloween tea party just for us.
Anthony does face painting and is excellent at it.
A couple of years ago, he painted his own face and some of the children that came to our door actually cried when he opened it.
We’ll try not to let that happen again!

First ever blog post