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10th February 2012

365 day photo challenge – 41 / 365

KayCee’s had Ducky since she was born; he was a gift from a special family friend and has been her most loved companion ever since.

She asked Santa for Baby Annabel and Baby Chou Chou three Christmases ago. He only bought baby Annabel that Christmas. She was a bit upset until we explained that maybe Santa wanted to see how well she looked after Baby Annabel before he got her a Baby Chou Chou.
She was satisfied with that and looked after Baby Annabel very well for the next year.

When Baby Chou Chou arrived the following Christmas, she was beyond happy! She liked the fact that Santa knew she’d taken good care of Baby Annabel and happier still that Annabel now had a sister.

Today, KayCee, Ella and Aiden went to Aiden’s dad’s for the week.
Before leaving, KayCee wrote me a list, detailing what I had to do to look after her babies while she was away!
Here’s what it says:

Babey Anerbel

tucet in
next to her sister
lite of / crismas lites on
have ducey next to babey anerbel

Baby Shosho

lite of / chrismas lites on
next to Baby anerbell

For anyone unsure, botbot = bottle, tucet = tuck it, ducey = ducky 🙂
Also, we don’t still have the Christmas decorations up! Ant bought them all a small set of battery operated fairy lights and they kept them when all the decorations were put away.

As you can see in the photo, I did as she asked and tucked them all up nicely in bed together. I hope I’ve done it right! I’m sure she’ll let me know when she comes home, if I haven’t!

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